Rike Knife 1507s Titanium Frame Locksearch

Rike Knife 1507s Titanium Frame Lock

Rike Knife 1507s Titanium Frame Lock

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Got mine today. Needed some tweaking to the pivot to dial the centering in. Also I'm a little annoyed that the bottom screw is loctited shut.
Any suggestions on how to loosen the loctite? Ive heard a hair dryer works well. I've also heard that a soldering iron will get the job done.
can we get a 1707?
Picked it up in platinum, just wish there was pink or blue.
I bought the Rike 1507 on a prior offering and was anxiously awaiting to receive it in the mail as I had my on the knife for a while but thought it was to high priced. The knife is well built, fit and finish was great, great materials but it will not deploy. It literally takes a pair of pliers to pull open the blade because of the detent is so tight the flipper tab is useless. I have disassembled the knife, cleaned, oiled, etc. but it did not have any affect on the problem. I thought about tying to modify it myself but have been reluctant as I am no pro and I don't want to essentially screw up to a point where I have ruined the knife.
I too had the same problem from a previous MD. I believe the lock bar was machined too thin allowing the slightest pressure on the lock bar to keep the blade from opening. Just my opinion. I could get mine to open when I used my left hand to open it. Long story short, I contacted Rike and they agreed to replace the knife. I now have a new knife that works like butter.
Looks really frisky, Rike does masterful anodizing too. Definitely worth grabbing one of their pens for the ano alone.
Yup, I'm in on this one. Hits all the points I like in a mid-tech. Got it in purple.
can we get the Rike Knife RK1507T Tanto Version?
I would definitely buy the Tanto version :p
Received mine and it had a rough action. Basically expected as the surface where the detent ball ride on the inner blade is not polished and needed to groove in. After lots of flipping and a little detent tuning (as it has the typical aggressive Rike detent) it is now perfect. By the way, mine came not very sharp. it cannot cut paper. Will be putting a mirror edge on it with my KME.
How is the lock up on yours?
my lockup is great, about 20%, no lock stick. however, the detent on it makes it impossible to deploy single handedly, even after tinkering with it. it came sharp, just cannot deploy it. i also got the Thor 4, which is basically flawless
Just received mine and it flips open flawlessly. It's also stunning! Very happy.

Detent looks pretty great after thirty or so flips here, thankfully not the horror story some people have had in the past.

What kind of horror stories?

And this knife needs to be broken in? Mine needs both hands to open, and that just doesn't seem right to me. I got the same color you have in the picture.
Well I'll be watching to see if this drop goes like the last one. I hope Mass-drop had some serious reassurances from Rike. Everyone who bought one from regular retailer loves the action, everyone who commented back after the last drop had major unacceptable problems. admittedly this was small sample size.

It really seamed like we got their reject bin lasts time,
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How happy were you with the fit and finish? I wouldn't have paid 40$ for the one I got last drop. took like 10 lb's of pressure get the blade out, and even then the blades travel was so gritty it would stop half way.

Massdrop was great about the whole thing. Promptly sent me a return label and even refunded my original cost of shipping. I would have liked some type of official explanation before starting new Rike drops. If Massdrop came out and said most people had no complaints i would totally believe just a few bad ones got out. Unfortunately literally every person reporting back here and on blade forum had the same problems, as in its a systemic problem not a few bad knives.
It was hard to flip open at first like you said it just needs to be broken in because of the thing that keeps it closed i am not sure what it is called it is a ball that falls into a hole when closed. Know it flips like butter. As far as the finish i loved the fact the blade was stonewashed unlike some of their coated or blasted blades.
Wondering how long the finish/color will last in everyday use--I assume it's anodized?
Did I misread the discription, or is the pocket clip the only thing made out of titanium?
Scroll down to the specs where it says "Handle: TC4 titanium"
Yep, I see that now. Thank you.