Rike Knife Damascus Hummingbird Mini Flipper Knifesearch

Rike Knife Damascus Hummingbird Mini Flipper Knife

Rike Knife Damascus Hummingbird Mini Flipper Knife

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Is there anyone that got the blue and would like to swap to the green? I would love you.
I got one of these the last time Massdrop had these on sale. This knife is a MAJOR WOW if you like tiny knives. It is extremely well built and very much worth the price. This is one item where Massdrop really does have a great price on a great item.
This would be a sick EDC if only it came in a bigger size. Please make this in a 8-9 inch overall and I will buy two of them.
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That's totally subjective, and I absolutely respect your opinion on that, but I look at it completely the opposite.
In my opinion, being so small loses its functionality in many respects, but adds so much difficulty to the process that I think it takes a much higher level of craftsmanship to do it this well in a miniature form. That's entirely the point of why this little thing is so impressive and intriguing to me.
They don't. The ZD-006 is the budget 3, it's one of my nicest knives. Superb action and milling.
Hey group! We were able to negotiate our cost, resulting in better drop pricing for everyone. Thanks for participating in the discussion and we hope the new price is more appealing for this beautiful little knife. Have a great weekend! method_burger Thatonecat CAdestiny BoxBlade JakeSizzle
Nice. I guess whining works.
hahaha, glad i'm not the only penny pincher who noticed the 75$ - 90$ increase.
This would make a nice full size knife but I personally don’t have a use for something so small.
hmmmm...potential birthday gift to myself
Have been waiting to jump on this for the $75 price from the last drop. With the $20 increase it's a pass for me.

Disappointed Massdrop!
Ahhh, a successful seller, so Rike hikes the price on Massdrop by $20. No thanks for something that is nothing more than a novelty item.
sorry, even with good materials, a 1.5 inch blade at $95 holds no interest for me...
I may have considered it for half that amount, or, if it was a 2.5 inch blade with a 3.5 inch handle - then the size would actually be useful and not purely novelty.
I really want this little beauty on my key chain but I know I'm going to get stung with import duty and handling fees so the discount doesn't make it worth while.
People really seem to love these, so I am in. Definitely viewing it more as a collectors piece than an actual edc option though.

Edit: Am I crazy in finding standard damascus more attractive then damasteel?
Damasteel tends to have more shine, normal Damascus has that more rugged Matt look which I also prefer.
Agreed, I also think that Damascus has this really wonderful organic look to it, where as damasteel feels more synthetic.
I'd join the drop if it was the same price as last time ($75). Oh well.
It was $75 because of Black Friday I'm pretty sure