Rike Knife Damascus Hummingbird Mini Flipper Knifesearch

Rike Knife Damascus Hummingbird Mini Flipper Knife

Rike Knife Damascus Hummingbird Mini Flipper Knife

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I am new here so please be gentle. Since it says Inactive does that mean the order I put in is also dead / inactive?

Also one note....
I own one of these and paid $130 ish for it. This is no toy despite the small size and some negative comments. This is a fully functioning and very sharp little blade. It may be small but it sharp like a razor blade. The fit and finish at last on mine is perfect or close enough that I do not see any issues.

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Shipping notices just printed today.
One week, no response. Asendia says it should arrive any day now, but I'm no longer so sure.
I was super interested in this knife until I held one in store. There were tooling marks on the blade, significant grit in the action, and other fit & finish issues. It came off as very cheap, and terribly overpriced at $150 or half that. Hopefully that was an outlier. I love the concept, and hope they can make the execution worth the cost. Also it's tiny, smaller than I imagined even knowing all the specs.
Can Rike Make this knife little larger? Please I would buy it then! Otherwise its little bit expensive $100 for a 3" piece. It looks way too small for any work only good for collecting I guess. 1.5" blade is it some kind of Lego toy knife or?
I still wish this was $75, but at least here I know what I'm getting versus the Dragonfly Blue Box I joined earlier. Plus, while this isn't as good a value as a Gent Select, I've already got too many knives in that size range and general function to want yet another.
I know this thing was small. But just compared specs to the Kershaw Chive (the smallest knife I've ever carried), and it looks like the Chive just may dwarf the Hummingbird. Crazy. Anyone have a pic of the two together?
I'd be in for one at $75 for sure (like the first drop).
Why it's $85 instead of $75?
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I asked the same question on the last drop... The first drop it was $75 and the following one went up to $85.
So it's the $10 off for the first drop story...
Would get another one of it was 75 again.
Got one a few weeks ago in the last drop. Love this little thing. The almost iridescent green is mesmerizing. Careful! Mine is as sharp as a razor. However, I can't get it to flip - too tight perhaps? Need to figure out how to loosen it a but.

Do you folks have any other recommendations for small knives like this?
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I would be interested to know how you get the pivot screw out for future cleanings?
If I understand correctly ..., the female pivot free-spins. Any chance you could give it a try and comment back?
I am on the fence regarding free spin pivot for the reason mentioned above.
Yeah, i had to go open one to check, been a while since I played with them.

Yes, it's a free spinning pivot, but I had no trouble just pressing a finger into the RK logo just enough to hold it while loosening
This is a very well made knife but it is almost toylike in size and has very limited practical use. Flipping action is very good as well.
I'm kind of disappointed with the build quality for the one I received. The logo isn't nearly as colorful as what the pictures show or other customer photos. It looks worn or washed out. Will be contacting MD support for a replacement.

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Not exactly sure how this relates to my knife. This is new an unused, and therefore unhandled and untouched. I could see what you're saying would apply if I had this knife for some time. There is no effect in the picture posted. It's simply a washed out color.
RE: "This is new an unused, and therefore unhandled and untouched."

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunate to hear it came out of the box in disappointing condition.

With this previously unknown info and the 4-week time from your OP, I am wondering the response from MD?
I guess you can't write reviews unless you're a verified purchaser anymore and since I'm international, there is no confirmation of receipt back to MD. Anyway, thought I'd share some thoughts of mine. Beautiful knife. Mine came a bit off centered (yes, I've tried tightening the pivot screw) and with a machining nick on one side of the choil. The sleeve attachment leaves me wanting too. It's some sort of matte black plastic that just feels cheap and not in line with the aesthetic and build of this knife. I'll probably make a little leather sleeve if I ever want to use the chain. All in all though; gorgeous milling, captivating damasteel, and vibrant anondizing.
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A hybrid could work. There are some holster makers that do leather lined Kydex. In a small item like this, it may even be possible to finish an all leather slip to near Kydex stiffness. A short bake in the oven after wet molding should do it.
If baking isn't enough, you can always try wax hardening it

I'd just wanna be extra careful with something this small, yet expensive, with a bottom loading sheath. Damn thing weights nothing, if it fell out I'd never feel it lol