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Roccat Kone Pure SE – Massdrop Exclusive

Roccat Kone Pure SE – Massdrop Exclusive

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had kone pure military editions for 2 years and I loved it ... then the braided cable got screwed somehow and stoped working completely ... now bought this thinking the software will be the same .>> NOOOOOOOOOOO DUCK YOU you stupid consumer .... this company has the worst software I have ever seen ... where I had the ability to map the buttons and there was voice notificaiton upon changing the DPI which was awesoem in fps games in intense battles .. the software for the mouse don't even have mapping buttons options ... HOW FUCKING GAMING MOUSE IS THAT ?! ?!? ?! ?! ?! ? YEah and in Bulgaria ... this mouse costs the same aas KONE PURE MILITARY >> THANKS ROCCAT and fuck you... STAY AWAY FROM ROCCAT !
Can I get the physical dimensions of the mouse? I'm tired of tiny little mice that don't fit my hand.
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This is a tiny little mouse. The bigger version is Roccat Kone XTD, which might be more of what you want (then again I don't know how big your hands are so double check dimensions).
Thank you very kindly <3
4 months in, my mouse has developed issues with Left Clicks. It wont register a few clicks while pressing & holding LMB. While playing CSGO, it randomly stops my spray.

Also, as bsastor suggested, the surface gets oily and sticky with use and you have to clean it regularly.
So this just has a lower end sensor compared to the Kone Pure Owl Eye?
3325, decent sensor and i THINK it has stripped down software, basically no Roccat "easy shift" or button macros etc.
How is the scroll-wheel click on this mouse? I currently have a G502 I'm not completely satisfied with because it's hard to click the scroll-wheel without accidentally scrolling up or down.
The mouse wheel click is fairly stiff and I can see myself accidentally scrolling in a quick reaction situation.
I would totally get this if I didn't already have 3 mice. :/
Has anyone noticed that roccat mice surface starts melting?
The black smooth surface on my old roccat kone starts melting and becomes very sticky.
End up tossing it after reluctantly using it some more, covering the entire mouse surface with stickers and masking tape.
What's more, my Bosch hand held vacuum cleaner has the same smooth black surface and it too melted after a while.
This puts me off any product made with the same type of surface.
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Thanks for this. I know it's old but wanted to reply anyway.
This is common with polymers and rubber. It really shouldn't happen for like 6 years though. I've pulled old cell phones out of my closet (~8 years) and they have gunked up whatever they were stored with because it gooefied. How old was the mouse?
Before i finally ditched it, it might have been 5 years or so. But it happened much sooner, maybe 2yrs in to service. I used it daily for tasks and gaming. Since this incident i became really aware of this type of material and avoid it as best i could. Recently i got a little electronic guitar tuner made of the same material. It too melted while in storage for a few months since i got it. So there kids, this is my experience so far. Not going to say this will surely happen with yours, but be aware.
Still haven't received mine yet and I was in the very FIRST group buy that bought this little mouse : (

Due to living here in Convict Town we are use to getting our gear months after everyone else receives their purchases.
I'm also waiting. Arrived in my country on 27th and still with the customs.
Does anyone know how this form factor and/or sensor compare/contrast with the Roccat Kone Military? I have stockpiled multiple mice since I really love the form factor, weight, and sensor on the Roccat Kone Military. How similar?
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NO .,.. this shitty mouse do not have button mappings nor any of the flexibilityu MILITYAR edition have .. but the cable on the military is shit and gets rekt quickly ...
What are the button mappings?
I just got mine today. Is there any way to change the button assignments or anything other than the lighting and DPI? My old Kone Pure had a life-off distance thing where you could change the lift-off distance. Is there any on this mouse?
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No option to. Contacted support and explained that the mouse was a "budget" mouse and only their premium line (Kone Pure 2017, Leadr, Tyon) has button remapping and liftoff distance control.
Thats a shame. Looks like I'll have to try some third party remapping tools.