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Rohrer & Klingner Writing Ink (3-Pack)

Rohrer & Klingner Writing Ink (3-Pack)

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Received Today, no import fees into Canada for me on this one.
Alt-Goldgrun is a surprising favorite - love the shading. Went through a sample of Scabiosa and got the full bottle later on - I highly recommended as it is a well-behaved iron gall that cleans out well and easily. Also seems more lubricated than other IG inks, so it writes quite nicely. Salix is great as well, but there's something about the purple of Scabiosa that calls to me.
Alt goldgrun / old golden green is one of my favorite colors ever, and a popular seller. I keep my LAMY Al-star in Charged Green inked with this and it is just about a perfect match.

I have also heard good things about Scabiosa, but iron gall inks cause a bit more upkeep for the pen.
I have got 3 last drop ( scabiosa, sunflower, old golden green).
the ink in general is great and works amazingly on any fountain pen.
love how smooth it is with the nib.

the colors however,
scabiosa tried it with different pens, it is great.
sunflower tried it with one pen, it is ok, but I think it is a bit too light, the yellow or the gold is not that strong which makes it not very comfortable to read - I will try it on other pens as well and check if there is any different. but it is unique color
old golden green tried it with one, not very impressed at all. it is ok, I will try it with different pen and see if there is any different. and it is unique color as well.
After getting these in the last drop I have to say I am liking them a lot. Blu mare is nice and vivid color but honestly am kind of sick from blue inks. However, I also got Morinda and Alt-gold grun which are very nice colors.

Morinda is very saturated red ink with a tiny bit on the darker side. What is surprising about it, unlike many other red inks, that it's easy to maintain and clean. Sometimes red inks have a tendency to creep up or gunk up. Not this one.

Alt-gold grun is an ink which is really hard to describe. While it behaves very nicely it's also very wet ink and color will mainly depend on how juicy your pen is. The wetter the pen, the darker ink color it will. Ink shading is also on a very different level from whatever you saw so far. It will shade from bright olive-green to dark gray green. I am still very much in love with Pelikan's Edelstein Amber, and it's still my favorite ink but alt-gold grun is my close-second favorite and it's really hard to beat availability and price of R&K inks.

All that said, Massdrop is only a good deal if you are in the states or otherwise can't get these inks. In Europe they can regularly be found for around 5€.
Can anyone tell me the difference between permanent blue and salix?
Salix is an Iron Gall ink while Permanent Blue is not. I have Salix and I like it. Iron Gall inks can damage your pens if not properly maintained (search online). I haven't encountered any damage from Salix yet, but that doesn't mean it won't cause damage. I don't use it in my nice pens since I'm terrified of them getting damaged. Salix will be more permanent than Permanent Blue.
Salix is said to use a modern iron gall formulation and be quite gentle. Being iron gall, it is permanent and water resistant. It is recommended to clean out your pen regularly because of staining but it should not damage your pen.
Is there any possibility of having an earlier shipdate?
I know right, May is so far from now.
This is as good a deal on ink as you can get. Regardless where you buy them, R&K writing ink is just the ink.
If I had to buy only one brand of ink this would be it.
Tip for ink eraser users: their Royal Blue is the best you can buy; far richer and more pleasing than Pelikan's and fully erasable.
Do I get to pick the colors? And if so, how and when do I do that?
During checkout you'll have three drop down boxes.
After shipping inside the US, the price is so close with amazon's price of ~$8-9 USD a bottle, with a substantially shorter wait time.

Still, it's MAYBE a bit of a savings, and R&K ink is just so bloody good. The four I recommend are Salix and scabiosa (the two iron galls are very nice) as well as alt goldgrun and sepia.
Again the shipping and import kills the deal. :(
In Europe you find them around 5€ a bottle (50 ml) plus shipping from The Writing Desk , among others. Nice looking inks though.
Is it possible for you guys to ship to Mexico City?
These inks are a fantastic value for money. I've already participated in this drop twice. In my opinion, the best and most unique inks are Scabiosa (a beautiful dusty purple iron gall ink), Verdigris (a work appropriate teal-black for when you're sick of the usually blue-black), and Alt Goldgrun (an absolutely one of a kind olive green and one of the best shading inks in my collection). Salix is also popular, since it's another iron gall, but I found it unpleasantly dry in most of my pens.
I am afraid of these inks. Do they stain terribly? I am REALLY clumsy. I spill stuff. I like being able to easily wash off ink.
Permanent inks are...permanent. They can be cleaned up pretty well before they dry on some surfaces but will stain pretty much anything at least a little, even if you are quick. When refilling I use a piece of cardboard under the pen and bottle that is an old notebook back so it's pretty thick. If you spill a whole bottle, well, that won't help but you could fill them with the bottle in a tray or tupperware if you are super worried about spilling it all.
I wish I'd used all my Alt Goldgrun by now so I had a reason to get a few more, but I'm still working through my last set. Here's a very cool review of R&K (we sent in these samples for the project), the artwork alone is worth a quick click: