Romly Keycappie Novelty Keycaps/Keychains (2-Pack)search

Romly Keycappie Novelty Keycaps/Keychains (2-Pack)

Romly Keycappie Novelty Keycaps/Keychains (2-Pack)

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

I guess your Keycappie arrived already! Thank you very much for joining the drop! What switch your Keycappie brought up? Me got both tactile, Kailh Box Royal and Olivia's beautiful Novelias, matches with pink strap. Both got cute color coordinate! Yay!
By the way, you probably noticed, the paper I put for each package, is a sticker! Enjoy! Again, thank you!
Love my Cappies. Only thing I would of changed is a base so they went on your keyboard to cover the installed switch a bit and utilized RGB in a way to light them up. But I still absolutely love them

Thank you all for joining the Drop! Many Keycappies could born because of you, and waiting to meet you! These are their souls, which means switches. Same as previous, I put many type of switches as much as I could get. Shiny TTC orange, Cherry, Hako, Tiffany, Aliaz, etc. And even super cute Novelias! Looking forward what you'll get!
BOX Heavvvyyy!
Black one is so cute. im sure im not wasting money :)
Totally! Another Keycappie will born for you! Thank you very much(*^-^*)
I'm putting my all effort to make sure Keycappies reach everyone as soon as possible!
I wanted to use this as a Keychain, but I might be sitting on it by accident and have keys around it.. Will it break? I'm really worried about that only
The material is quite strong. you can not squash them by bare hands ...unless you're fighting on WWE ;P I have never sit on them yet so I can't say it with 100%, but accidentally sitting on them can't break them easily at least.
Do plate mount key switches fit?
Sure! Both PCB and plate mount switches are fit.
Why is everything on this site ridiculously overpriced
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You realise you can buy these Romly keychains from other vendors for cheaper right? With more colour selection too... You'd also get them a lot sooner
No free switches though, but that isn't a deal breaker imo but free switches are a nice touch
I'm BrainFlush, I can do anything. And like others on MassDrop. We support the maker because he deserves it and we use MassDrop because they get us stuff we want. You can go buy it from wherever. I'll stick to supporting the good guys. . Thanks.
Just downloaded similar STL files from thingiverse.
Charging that much for 3D printed items is ridiculous.
Shoulda been cast metal or plastic injection.
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3d printers are for making quick prototyping and cheaper plastics, abs or pla.
You can buy like 500m roll for 20usd, so when you're paying 13usd, that's nearly a whole roll of filament. Instead they are charging you for running the machine. So sad.
Okay, but that's the market for single-digit prints for random users. If you're doing mass-printing, sure the price goes down, but when you're a user with a random file per-item prices are going to be higher with anything.
Also, the $13 option isn't the cheap plastic. See here: And this is the $9 option: Price is based on the file being printed and taken from the creator's store (which doesn't add much but might add some).
these little guys are so cute ;v; sleepy!!!
So if you were to use the key that the Keycappie is in (using the stemmed version), you would have to push the top switch, and then the entire contraption would move to push the switch that its sitting on?
Yes, something like this. The key will be double decker.
So funny, love it. My god I would break it just because I want to keep squishing it. :D (not saying it would break)
super cuteeee sad that it's still expensive for me, my keyboard was a 40 dollar board lol
keycappies have returned :3
I have gotten my Keycappies. They are so cute! I am trying to put in my own switches, however, but they don't stay in. It seems the opening is too loose. I have tried gateron, cherry, and Kailh box switches. Only the switches that came with the Keycappies stay in. Any idea how to fix this?
I'm very relieved that Keycappies starting to reach to everyone.
Hmm... it's new that Keycappie's head is loose. The switch came with the Keycappie is just a normal switch. So other switches should be fit...
If it's too loose, how about painting white? Or clear coating or something. The thickness of the paint will fill the gap between the hole and the switch.
I know it's not a elegant way, but I have done that on Cherry MX joint, when I make a keycap with 3D print. I used very thin clear-coating, so I have to spray it a few times but finally, it worked.
love this!
I fear for humanity if they become sentient. :P
@Romly what keyboard is used in the picture?
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K-Type !
thanks guys!
Check out this 383's fan art of Keycappie! Also there is Gateron Yellow Girl. So cute, Thank you!
I received my Keycappies from Shapeways, they arrived quite fast! I'm glad I went with the premium polishing because the "3D printed texture" isn't as present but still have a nice rough texture. They are lightweight but feel strong enough. Fantastic work Romly!!!

First time to see the Black Keycappie! Chic! Classy! Good paring with classic black housing Cherry MX very much! Thank you for the photo!
I know these are random in regards to what you receive but I'd join this drop if you 'randomly' put the right combination of key chain components in my package...
@Romly Is there any chance if I join the drop I can at least choose the keycap color?? I'm in if possible!
I'd love to but I think you can't add a extra comment on a purchase. Also if everyone do that, I can't manage keycaps...
So sorry, let me put that in future task!
I can't tell if this is stupid or brilliant, either way I'm getting one.
Thanks! You shall judge after you get...
By the way, if any of y'all are crazy enough, romly made a metal version of this for $24
Thank you for mentioning! I hope I can bring Chogokin version on Massdrop too...
is it random what switch you get?
I'm going to put Cherry, Gateron and Kailh. Including Kailh Speed Series, Pro Series, Box Series. There is a chance more kind of switches if I could get. But please don't expect much :)
I have been looking for something like this. Does anyone know where these are sold in different designs?
you can get them in other colors on romly's Shapeways website
For now there is Sitting Keycappie only. But "Relaxing" Keycappie will be available soon at Shapeways!
I ❤️ my Keycappie
Tried out a few artisans on her... and this one just felt right. And surprisingly still effective for hitting my ESC key heh.
Thanks! That is so cute typewriter Keycappie! ヽ(^◇^*)/
too cute!
This thing is plain fu**** ugly.
it's okay, some people just have no taste
Cute option to use as ur keychains :) It's white so expect it to get dirty easily.
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Cueing @Romly the expert
I'm just an amateur ;) I think any sprays work well but using spray primer before painting will be very efficient. Makes big difference on painting. Especially this Tamiya's supports nylon material itself.
Also making surface smooth using sandpaper before painting, will makes colors brilliant. *"sandpaper" is English? It's a rough sandy paper, polish things...
Not Keycappie, but I tried spray painting on nylon material. *Sorry it's Japanese post.
Please make your own Keycappie! That's why they are so white. They want to be dyed in your hue!
You guys are out of control
@XiK For science, any way you all might be able to procure enough of the keycap ones to completely fill a Planck or something with these, and see if you can actually type on them?
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For science, how about a giant keycappie with NK's BIG switch
I realise that all mk stuff is a niche and luxury market, but these things are insanely expensive for what you're getting.
Hey... HEY! You guys know what we need?!
With switch-toggled LEDs in its eyes/head. We'd have a cute table lamp.
Why not, I guess.
Due to lack of my electronic work, LED things are difficult for me... But at least, I'm working on Big Keycappie! Look forward to it!