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Rory's Story Cubes Bundle

Rory's Story Cubes Bundle


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Was this an incredibly limited drop? By the time I got home, it had ended.
No Australian shipping... :(
Anyone knows if this particular drop ships to México? Is there a way to know before joining? Thanks!
Unfortunately I do not know, but I think you can check by clicking "join drop" and giving it a location. You don't have to follow through after that, but it should calculate a shipping estimate, if possible. Hope that works!
This is an amazing deal for an awesome little creativity boosting game! I already own nearly everything available or I would be all over this one. Also, if you do decide to purchase this bundle, be sure to check out the current Kickstarter campaign for "Untold: Adventures Await"! It's a full on framework for making awesome adventures with these very story cubes.
I'd really love to get onto this drop, but they unfortunately do not ship to Australia.
You could always get these from that very Kickstarter that I mentioned! I'm not sure what the shipping situation is for the KS, but please do check it out. In fact, you can actually get many more cubes than are on offer here on this drop. I have no affiliation with them, but I am an excited backer of that project and a big fan of these cubes myself.
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