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Did anyone else not get what the pictures look like?! I received my ROSE Aurora IEM's and see the picture for what I got. I contacted Massdrop and no one has responded.
I have got same thing. This is a joke
Wouldn't recommend this headphone, nor the brand.
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Thanks for the insight. Was about to pull the trigger on these as I wanted something sub $100 but if I can't get decent support if they fail I'd rather not risk it.
iBasso IT1
Look an awful lot like a kinera pair I bought a few months back at a much lower price...
Was just gonna say, looks like a direct copy of the BD005
Exactly like the grey option I picked up. I will say that for the price, they produce a nice sound. I still love my last a4's though.
While my experience is limited, these sound fantastic. I just broke my pair, and had this dropped twondays ago, I'd have dove riggt back in.

The best fit I've had of any IEM I've owned. I used these to drift off to sleep, and would often wake up in the morning with them still in place.

I utilized with a balanced mmcx cable to my Fiio X5 and was pleased everytime. I listen to mainly metal, and specifically atmospheric BM. What i noticed was how clear and seperated all the instruments sounded. I'm not knowledgable enough to give a full review, but i cannot recommend these enough for the price.
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