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Rothco Special Ops Jacket

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I have two of these softshells and both suffer from the same exact problem. The zipper suck. They snag and catch and come loose from the jacket. Cheap zippers and a piss poor installation. So that should alone should rules these out for anybody that needs a zipper to work. Its to bad too. This jacket has a nice set of features and punches way above its weight for warmth, with good venting when you need it. Spray for water repellant and its pretty good in the rain too. But yeah. This is tacticool poser wear. I would look elsewhere. I wish I did.
Maybe if it was a bit thinner, and longer, you could use this in a techwear outfit. Hopefully it does come in a longer size anyways because I'm really tall.
This should be obvious, but if it has "Special Ops" in the name, chances are it's not combat proven. I personally don't have much experience with Rothco products other than a few things I've seen in Army surplus stores. I equate them to something like other civilian type "tactical" clothing like 5.11 products: okay for day to day use, paintball, air soft, light hiking and such, etc., but I would never consider using them for a long ruck in a combat or some other similarly harsh environment. If your work or hobbies demand more of your gear, I'd recommend considering the other brands mentioned in this video. You'll pay more, probably in the neighborhood of $300-400 for something comparable to this soft shell knock off, but it'll certainly last longer and take a lot more abuse in the field.
Arcteryx leaf is the bomb
knock-off sub-par quality miitary gear, no thanks... Common Massdrop
I got super excited because I thought this was the concealed carry jacket... Then I was sad... I'm still sad actually.
21 and half in chest size? Can that be right?

I usually wear a medium in brands like Adidas and Nike. Should I go for the small here?
Why is this rothco crap even on here? I thought Massdrop actually gave a shit about quality.
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I agree. This jacket is poor quality. Barely keeps you warm. More of a water resistant shell than a jacket. Don't expect this to keep you warm in anything below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
Thanks was considering for fall/ early winter jacket just for hand gun concealment. But CRAP is CRAP , you saved me a return headache!!
I’ll take the sweater the guy is wearing.... lol
I’m trying to figure out sizing. I would say I’m usually like a medium in jackets on average, however I purchased a Rothco parka from here a little while back, followed the advice to size down and ordered a small. I forsure needed the extra-small. Is it the same with this jacket?
Selling my Alpha Industries L-2B Scout Jacket in Black, NIB. Paid $100 for it but need tuition money. Will sell for $80 shipped. Comment if interested.
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Size M, Black. Still new in Massdrop box.
anybody knows how waterproof is it really?
Will this keep me warm in 0 degree weather in Buffalo, NY?
I live in SF and have one. It's good for the weather here but defs need more layers at colder places.

So, alone? No.
Jason Bourne would wear this

Matt DaaMon
It has no hip pockets, which is a deal breaker for me. So really think about the lack of regular hip pockets before you buy.
I've had this jacket for a few years (the version w/o conceal pockets inside). It took me a few months to get used to the high pockets, but now ever jacket I have with "normal" pockets feels weird.