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Mine arrived without feet included, with rusted threading, and scratches. Pretty disappointing.
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Did you just reply to yourself?
yes, thats what happens when you forget you posted, and don't read closely. :(
Finally got mine but it was worth the wait. SUPER high quality.

I want to get a 60% one in gunmetal now for my Zelios board. Looks great with the K-type.
Got mine some days ago, it’s very nice!

But just for the record, mine had some scratches on the back, bad handling?

I got my titanium grey today and it just feels amazing. A heavy piece of metal that looks real sleek and feels great to use. :D
Hi All,
I am sorry that the wrist rests have 10missing unitis this time,and we produced 20pcs again,and
there were damaged by rough courier.there were also lack 3 titanium grey.
I am producing those 3 missing units those days,it might cause the delay a bit day,really sorry to those 3 titanium grey followers.

Got mine and it's real nice, much better than the wooden wrist rest I was using previously. The metal feels nice and cool to the touch and is really solid and heavy so it doesn't move around at all. No scratches on the one I got; a slight blemish on the underside, but that's it. Definitely worth it IMO.

WoodLab Kevin
Wow, are all of them done? If so, that's nearly a month ahead of schedule!
WoodLab Kevin
dope!! very excited :)
Please post photos when you get them, I was wary to buy this time but I'm sorely tempted for next drop if they turn out well.
I got mine, there's a bit of discoloration and a few small scratches... Disappointed to say the least.
When is this dropping again?
Whaaat I missed this?! I've been refreshing Massdrop a few times a day waiting for news on that Massdrop X AK Racing chair I joined in on and completely missed this wrist rest.

I love the in-stock method of selling and so many of the items and collaborations were absolutely wonderful but having them sit at the top for close to or over a month doesn't help us discover newer items :(
I missed my notification for drop end, fuck, I thought it was suppose to come to my email! Can this be purchased elsewhere?
Any chance of a 65% size??
I bought in. I hope this, in black, pairs well with my IKBC v.2!
What size do i get for the massdrop x input club ktype keyboard?
TKL size is what you want