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Al principio no me aparecía la portada de las canciones, las imágenes que tienen mis canciones son grandes (500x500 px) creí que era por eso pero no, el problema fue que metí las canciones directo a la tarjeta y luego al A50, pero así no es, tuve que formatear la memoria desde el A50 (esto creó varios archivos en la memoria) y ahora sí metí las canciones, ,y funcionó! todas mis canciones ya muestran su caratula.

sorry my english is not good, but you can use Google translate :)
Get it few dsys ago... The good: build quality excellent, UI overall nice to use, battery life, high output power. The bad: volume slow to change up-down and expecially the sound! Here what happened, after pairing with quad BA earphones Ultimate Ears UE900S :the first music I listen is ok, very good quality and expecially in some tracks there are small details that I have never heard before, making listening more exciting, with a light emphasis on lows that I don't dislike at all. Until I listened to Jean Michel Jarre's Equinoxe (CD rip, WAV 16bit 44.1khz) Lows, mids and mid-higs are well maintened, but some high frequency synth effects are heavily distorted making listening unpleasing! I mean: SOME effects,
with particular pitch and modulation, not all, otherwise I would think of a defective unit. I read the player is based on a DSP+DAC architecture, so I think the DSP works too hard and while emphasizing small and near unhearable details, some distinct hi-freq sounds are messed up... of course is not a bad CD rip, I don't have this problem on other devices. So it works unpredictably, I hope a firmware update may fix this.
UPDATE : Installed new firmware, now plays everything perfect. Probably before had a somehow corrupted old firmware.
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It appears this firmware has been removed. When I try the Baidu link it will only give me a downloader to install a Baidu Network Drive. I will keep looking for another source...
Out of curiosity I tried too, but it does not work like before. Before it was enough to tap UNDER the orange button (that downloads the downloader) to get the firmware, now a white window pops up for a while and nothing happen... maybe the window says "file unavailable" I can't read Chinese!
I have been having issues getting album art to display when songs play. Does anyone have any solutions or know the proper pixel resolution that album art needs to be set at in order to display when a song plays?
Just discovered the issue. Album art can be no larger than 640 x 640 pixels, and the Bit Depth must be 24 bits or smaller. I haven't tested all image types but JPEG works.
Laggy interface, scroll wheel is temperamental and likes to not work often.
Interface is poorly designed for listing music as well, if your track names are more than about 20 characters long (of course they will all be), you have to wait for the text to slowly scroll so you can see the titles of each track, see the image I've attached for reference. There is an auto-update function in the settings but there's absolutely no information on where to find updates to the firmware as the instructions come in Chinese only! I have a severe issue with random songs inexplicably crashing the unit. The main problem is when you restart it remembers the last song so automatically loads it up and crashes again. The only way to get out of the endless crash cycle is to take the microsd card out and reboot, plug in the microsd card again and wait for however long it takes to scan the directories (after putting about 20GB of music on the device, it's resulted in about 10 min directory loading times, I have a 128GB microsd and was planning on filling it up but I can only imagine how ridiculously long these times will increase to!). Audio from the machine is great for the price, but with the other issues I really can't recommend this device.

I'm a noob so pardon my (probably) stupid question - what is the difference between this and, say, the ipod shuffle?
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Lossless formats - that's the biggie. US$52 on AliExpress.
expandable memory is killer on this compared to a shuffle.
Can this be used as a USB source to feed a DAC?
My player isn't locking in my micro SD card. Anyone else have this problem?
So these don't play Apple Lossless?
Nothing plays apple lossless but apple devices. It's proprietary.
Thanks for the reply, but it is incorrect. Apple Lossless has been open source since 2011. Nearly all DAPs sold here on Massdrop play ALAC. I just found it odd for ALAC not to be listed with the compatible formats on this device.
What kinda audio quality should i expect i have a pair of IE80's
Anyone know how good the side buttons are? They look a little cheap to me and it could be a real dealbreaker
They feel fine to me.
Does anyone know what DAC this DAP is using? Sabre or AKM? or Unknown?
What's the biggest sd cars this can?
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Nice, is it loaded with more than 128gb? Cause some work with any size but won't recognize any of the data added after 128gigs
Yup, I have it almost full and it works just fine.