SainSmart 2.5W 445n Blue Laser Module Kitsearch

SainSmart 2.5W 445n Blue Laser Module Kit

SainSmart 2.5W 445n Blue Laser Module Kit

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Personalized Engravings

Able to engrave wood, paper, plastic, leather, and more, the SainSmart 2.5W 445n blue laser module kit will let personalize your DIY projects. Featuring an adjustable laser beam that puts out 2.5-watts of power, the module has an intelligent feedback control circuit and an external ACC constant current driving mode to improve the reliability and reduce power consumption. There’s a large aluminum heatsink and a cooling fan help to quickly dissipate heat. You can also adjust the focus of the laser lens for engravings of different sizes.

Note: Light from the laser can cause serious eye damage. Please use the incldued glasses while operating the laser.


  • Model number: 101-60-282
  • Output power: 2.5W
  • Wavelength: 45nm blue laser
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Current: 1A
  • Beam shape: Dot (focus adjustable)
  • Lifetime: >10,000 hours
  • Engraves MDF plastic, Balsa wood, paper, wood, fabric, leather, plywood, foam paper, anodized aluminum
  • Can not engrave metal, glass, PCB, transparent material
  • Working temperature: -40–167° F (-40–75° C)


  • Goggles


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