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Samson Resolv 120A Subwoofer

Samson Resolv 120A Subwoofer

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Powerful Low End Delivery

Packed with 120 watts of power, the Samson Resolv 120A Subwoofer is built to deliver clear, powerful sound from the low end. The unit houses a 10-inch transducer that supports a range of 40 – 180 Hz. Also included in the Resolv design is a built-in active crossover, a phase switch, an auto sleep mode and a mute switch jack for convenient and easy use.

Samson Resolv 120A Subwoofer

No Bottom Low Enough

The Samson Resolv 120A is designed with versatility in mind. With both consumer and professional connectors, the Resolv Sub is ideal in any application. The subwoofer comes equipped with RCA and banana-connectors for pass-thru of signal to passive speakers. Also included is a MUTE footswitch input on the rear, for momentary muting during playback.

Samson Resolv 120A Subwoofer
Samson Resolv 120A Subwoofer
Samson Resolv 120A Subwoofer


  • 120 watt low frequency amplifier
  • heavy-duty 10" transducer
  • 40-180 Hz.
  • active crossover
  • a phase switch
  • an auto sleep mode
  • mute switch jack


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