Samson Carbon 49 USB Midi Controllersearch

Samson Carbon 49 USB Midi Controller

Samson Carbon 49 USB Midi Controller

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USB MIDI Controller

From dabbling at home all the way to producing professional music, the Samson Carbon 49 is a compact keyboard that’s ideal for a wide variety of musicians. Built with both live performance and studio applications in mind and with an approachable pricing, it’s a great starting point for those who want to try out a new instrument or anyone who just needs something a little more travel friendly to take on tour.

Samson Carbon 49 USB Midi Controller


Built for travel with a compact, 49-key semi-weighted keyboard, the Carbon 49 has a 3-digit, 7-segment LED display with real time feedback. To make things even easier, there is an integrated iPad slot for on-the-go compositions. After you connect with a USB to any computer, adjust settings effortlessly with dedicated Transpose and Octave buttons. With 14 control settings as well as Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels, you can play around until you find the exact sound you’re looking for without having to bring the whole studio along with you.

Samson Carbon 49 USB Midi Controller
Samson Carbon 49 USB Midi Controller

Komplete Effects

The Samson Carbon 49 comes with Native Instruments Komplete Elements software, providing an entire studio’s worth of effects, sounds, variations for compositions, and tools for quality sound and music production. Komplete Elements has nearly a thousand effects and samples to play with and riff off of in your music. Play around and see what you can add to your music to give it a whole new style or complete your perfect track.

Samson Carbon 49 USB Midi Controller
Samson Carbon 49 USB Midi Controller

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  • 49-key velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted keyboard
  • Assignable Data encoder and Volume slider
  • Edit key for adjusting up to 14 control parameters
  • 3-digit, 7-segment LED display
  • iPad and USB bus powered
  • Traditional MIDI output
  • Sustain pedal input
  • 11 x 33.25 x 5 in (27.94 x 84.46 x 12.7 cm)
  • 8.1 lbs (3.67 kg)


  • Native Instrument’s Komplete Elements software


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