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Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand

Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand

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Laptop Stand

Now that the laptop has become an essential component of your live performance, you need a dedicated stand to keep it propped up and in your line of vision for the entire set. Built from solid steel, adjustable up to 4.5’ in height, and foldable for easy transportation, the Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand is the easiest way to embrace the future of music.

Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand

Easy to Use

After spreading out the steady tripod base and finding the perfect height, place your laptop on the flat, silicone surface and never worry about it slipping away. You can adjust the tilt to improve your angle or remove the top altogether, making it even easier to take on the go. Complete with locking latches and a pin lock to keep everything in place, the Samson LTS50 is the most secure and convenient way to play with your computer.

Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand


  • Samson
  • Steel construction with black finish
  • Removable top with silicon surface and tilt control
  • Fold-up design
  • Height adjustable up to 4.5 ft (1.37 m)
  • Locking latches and pin lock
  • 5 x 24 x 11.75 in (12.7 x 60.96 x 29.85 cm)
  • 10.25 lbs (4.65 kg)


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