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Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 IEMs & Hi-Fi Earplugs

Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 IEMs & Hi-Fi Earplugs

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I also wish that there was more feedback from those who have purchased the SC1000. The only information that I can add is that in addition to the 18 sold through Massdrop, we have sold a large number through our website and at audio shows (at a much higher price) and we have had no returns. Customers appear to be extremely satisfied.
Look up reviews. They say enough about these Frankinstein IEMs. No thanks.
someone who bought them can say something aobut them?

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'Great summary. Thanks!
using them exclusively with my iFi Nano BL now and my Bart rides are wonderful - when i get that seal, and there are some tricks that help get that seal: wet the rubbers a little or use a tiny bit of vaso or similar before inserting
I was hoping for some feedback on these things by now.
Would these be a suitable option for shooting range use? I like to play music while shooting skeet.
Invest in a pair of custom IEMs or Etymotic deep insertion Inears.
Are there any warranty included with these?
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Alright sound good 😄
Now that sounds like a company that stands by it's products..and perhaps more importantly, its customers! 👍🏼👌🏼
I have a question to the seller. So does this earphone lacks subbass?
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And how sibilant is it? My concern is that quite some reference-style IEM tend to be sibilant.
The high end is very smooth all the way out to 16KHz and beyond with none of the big spikes and dips that are common in most IEMs. There is a frequency response plot on the website:
How long is the cable between the earbuds and the big heavy box. To me it looks like it's quite short, so there will basically be a big, heavy box swinging around, pulling the earphones out of my ears and making the whole thing very uncomfortable. I suppose it could be clipped to my cloths to stop it swinging, but it really doesn't have a good look.

What does '7-week battery life' mean? Is that continuous usage, or 15 minutes a day? Is that 100% volume, or only 25%? Is that with some things turned off or everything on? I think much more clarity is required on this spec.

How much does it weigh?

As has already been asked, what is the warranty on this item? How does it work for international buyers. Just saying 'we make the customers happy' doesn't really answer this question.
Hi msolok. The cable length from the earpieces to the amplifier is 18 inches. If worn around the neck as recommended in the user guide, you don't even know the amplifier is there. This also gives the easiest access to the ambient sound control. Alternatively, we do supply a unique clothing clip that allows you to wear the amplifier clipped to you shirt. The amplifier is pretty light, weighing roughly the same as 2 AAA batteries.

The battery life as you have noted is a very complex subject. As the SC1000 uses a class-D power amplifier, the power used depends on the content of the music as well as the volume. The 7 week life assumes a moderate listening level for 3 hours a day. The extreme use case would be closer to 2 weeks life.

We will repair or replace the product if damage is from normal use, for the original owner for life. If you are unhappy with the product we will refund your purchase price if it is within 30 days.
Why the extremely limited frequency response? 16KHz limit will effectively destroy the airiness of recorded content.
color me unimpressed with a bullet.
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Your doubt doesn't make up for the very unimpressive spec. The fact that something like the 1more iems at $80-100 blow these out of the water spec wise. Why are sc audio charging near 800? That is the question.
Manufacturer spec is meaningless. Third party measurements actually give you an idea how the headphone would perform. Don't know if there are any for this one.
Is this the same product?
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You are correct. Santa Cruz Audio is currently out of sync with Massdrop. I will notify them and get this corrected. When we first offered this product, it was designed to outperform anything available at that time (2016). I believe that we accomplished this and we set our price based on other top tier products. Since that time, our competitors have lowered there prices and we have been forced to reduce our list price as well. The current Massdrop price is very close to our cost and represents and extremely good deal. I'm sorry if this has caused confusion.
I appreciate you clarifying the pricing discrepancy on the product! It looks like a great set with unique features them a unique value proposition in my mind that could justify the price as long as the sound is cohesive and the dynamics tight. I'll be watching this drop for sure. Thank you for the quick and efficient response and explanation!