Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 IEMs & Hi-Fi Earplugssearch

Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 IEMs & Hi-Fi Earplugs

Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 IEMs & Hi-Fi Earplugs

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Built-In Power Amplifier & Ambient Sound Control

The debut product from California-based Santa Cruz Audio, the SC1000 delivers some of the best noise cancellation available in IEMs today. It turned heads at the LA Audio Show and the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest with its built-in high-performance power amplifier and high-fidelity stereo microphones. The latter give you total ambient sound control by effectively mixing ambient sounds in with your music. This allows you to completely silence the ambient sounds (great for those noisy commutes) or precisely tune their levels to your preferences using the slider on the amplifier/battery unit (in case you need to hear those around you). You can even use the SC1000 as a set of concert earplugs. The single dynamic moving-coil driver delivers an audiophile sound quality, the machined aluminum housing is complete with a windscreen, and the heavy-duty Mogami cable can be positioned either over or under the ear.

Note: At checkout, choose between black and nickel color options. Unlike other IEMs, Santa Cruz Audio recommends not inserting the SC1000 all the way in the ear canal. A good seal with the ear canal opening significantly reduces ambient sound and allows for deep bass response.

Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 IEMs & Hi-Fi Earplugs
Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 IEMs & Hi-Fi Earplugs
Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 IEMs & Hi-Fi Earplugs


  • Santa Cruz Audio
  • Built-in high-performance power amplifier
  • Built-in high-fidelity stereo microphones for ambient sound control
  • Frequency Response (-3dB): 10 Hz to 16 KHz
  • High isolation for ambient sound blocking
  • Single dynamic moving-coil speaker
  • Machined metal microphone housing with windscreen
  • Adjustable heavy-duty Mogami cable
  • Over- and under-ear cable positioning
  • Flexible ear tab
  • Soft silicone ear tips
  • Left/right channel indicator
  • Critical parts machined from aluminum (anodized or nickel plated)
  • Single AAA alkaline battery provides 7-week battery life
  • On/off switch with LED indicator
  • Can be used as high-fidelity adjustable earplugs


  • 3 sets of extra ear tips in different sizes
  • Clothing clip
  • Audio input cable
  • User guide
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Carrying case


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