Saphir 100ml Wax Polish (2-Pack)search

Saphir 100ml Wax Polish (2-Pack)

Saphir 100ml Wax Polish (2-Pack)

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Picked up neutral and mahogany as I expanded my shoe collection since the last drop when I picked up 4 other tones. Can't wait to get them in.
Used this expensive polish on my work boots--very disappointed (they still look like work boots).
I have a Loake (from Massdrop) in Tan, a meermin also in tan but that is a bit darker than Laoke tan. I also have a Allen Edmonds in their chilli.

Which version of brown will work for tan? And what would be best for chili?
For Allen Edmonds walnut or tan, I use cognac. For dark chili, you can use mahogany.
I got an email saying it shipped 6 days ago - but still no tracking info from FedEx. All I get is that I have an invalid tracking number. Anyone else having this issue?
How much for shipping in US?
Hi, where do I find information about shipping fee to Singapore? Thank you.
Hi. I was wondering if there is a specific color I should be choosing for my Paul Evans Oxbloods. I'm getting the light and medium brown was for Cacao and my Marrone shoes, but not sure if I should do neutral or mahogany for my oxbloods. Any advice would be appreciated!

Inn respect of colour, mahogany is the closest. However, try to test first on back of the shoes, if it is not matching just buff it off. If that is the case use Neutral
Is this two 50ml tins, for a total of 100ml? Or is it two 100ml tins for a total of 200ml?
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They’ve already been delivered. But, uh, thanks for the response?
MD, please ask these cheese eating, cat piss wine drinking french surrender monkeys to continue shipping to AU again
Please ship to AU again - lack of shipping is a disappointment.
Why this no longer ship to AU? I've been anticipated this drop and extremely disappointing that you guys only ship domestic US this time around. Is it the Trump effect on MD?
Check out little lusso if you want to buy Saphir stuff in Australia, I have bought from them many times.
It's important to note that this is a wax polish not a cream polish. There are differences between the two best explained in this video:
Will this work on shell cordovan?
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No, there is separate rage exclusively for cordovan.
There is separate cream for cordovan, but not wax.