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Turnaround time not too long, but $92, free shipping no tax on Newegg, with presumably better service And returns.

reviews are extremely hit or miss. Would not buy here due to lack of return option.
Mine seems to be held up due to severe weather delays. Is anyone else seeing this? It has been in that status since 7/12. Seems a long time for weather delays. Not sure what is causing the issue.
"Black Solar"is Seiko's trademarked name for their dark energy powered watch movement, the first in the world. 70 percent of the universe consists of this gravity-repelling energy. I think we can expect a Nobel Prize in physics for Seiko's engineers (assuming no #metoo problems), so this might be the time to pick one up, before the rush and the inevitable price hikes.
It doesn't run on actual dark energy, I hope you realize that.
My only regret is that I have but one thumbs up to give your comment. That's Ken M level stuff right there.
If it was 42mm I would have bought it.
What is the price for the bracelet version. I assume the one price I se quoted is for the stap-band version.
Same price.
I don't see the price difference for the 2 different much is the stainless bracelet version?
Whoa, look at the reviews on Amazon for this model.
WR says 100m, but it's a push-pull crown. Has anyone ever swam with the watch regularly? Is it water worthy?
I just checked, today 06/30 and it is 89.98 on Amazon. This does look to be a fantastic basic watch. Could serve as a "one watch watch" for those so inclined (or if reading this-- maybe a gift for a grad or other who will only wear one watch). Clean enough look it won't be out of place formal, work, or casual. Far far better than say a DW.
Is this Japan made version? Pictures would say yes it is but......
Found for $95 on Amazon. And it will be here in two days. That is worth it.
10% discount... some might disagree
Well, my guess is that when he posted that 14 weeks ago, that was the price on Amazon.
is there a warranty?
Lume shot:
It's a nice watch, I've had one for 4 years. If I could I would change the bezel a bit by not having the grooves in it, and a brushed finish. But $90 is also a bit high. I think I paid $85 for mine. I wear it daily for my job, kind of being used as a beater.

A couple of notes you will not find in the user manual. Even wearing daily, long-sleeves will prevent charging. Put the watch in a window to charge from sunlight every few months. When the seconds hand starts double-ticking from a low charge, it will not stop until you charge the cell back up and then pull out the crown. I believe it is a warning to set the watch since it was so low on charge. But I have talked more than one person down from sending in their solar watch for service because they never tried pulling out the crown to stop the double-ticking.
87.95 on amazon
may you provide link or quote ASIN or seach string please? unable to find it on Amazon at even close price. As per camelcamelcamel recent price for SNE095P1 is around 100.
Apparently nobody is noticing that some of these comments are from 14 or 15 WEEKS ago when this drop was last active. The price probably was what is listed above way back then.
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