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Bought on a previous drop and they are as excellent as described. Also made a great Xmas present for my brother in law.
I bought these on the last drop & they are the best clippers I've seen in years. Easy to use & very sharp. Came packaged nice in a zippered Vidal case. The only negative thing is the clippers came with a metallic residue that I thing is polishing compound which should of been cleaned off . I cleaned mine in alcohol before I used. I notified Seki about this , but they didn't respond from website in California .
Bought this from a previous drop. Everything great but the scissors. Scissors are from a really light gauge of SS. Too flimsy.
I have a pair of seiki nail clippers that I got years ago, and they are still the best. I wish I could join the drop, I really don’t need more than just clippers. :/
Just received my Seki 6 piece grooming kit.... oh so beautiful! A gift that will last a lifetime!
Gave this as a gift to my brother-in-law and he loves it - he is someone that is well-groomed and appreciates high-quality items and after handling them myself I must affirm this kit is very nice and will have a long life.
I also gave these as a gift to my brother in law for Xmas! He is into super high quality tools, so I knew he would love these too.
When was the last one gonna ship??????? It's now 29 Dec 2017, a full 7 days after the expected ship date 22 Dec 2017!!!!!!!!!
Says it was supposed to ship on 12/22/2017. Why hasn’t it shipped yet??
Has there been any update on the most recent drop?
Does anyone know where to get a "catcher" (don't know what they are really called) that will fit either of the clippers? I see other clippers sold that come with a catcher and I would like to be able to cut my nails without them flying everywhere.
These appear to have a catcher. It is that piece of metal you see on the side that clips on the bottom. To empty it you slide it back.
Time to update the type of steel it is.
MassDrop, please.

Here is the message I received directly from Seki.

"I don’t know which particular nail clippers the customer is willing to know, so I am telling in case of SS-106 and SS-107. The blade is made with stainless steel, called SUS 420J2. The handle is made with zinc alloy die-cast and chrome plated."
Got this kit in a previous drop. I need my nails kept trimmed for work and I have plenty of extra body hairs that contribute to the "errant hair" problem. I do not have dainty hands, neither are my nails super thick. I have used every tool in this kit for the past few months at least on a weekly basis. I cannot complain about the quality of the tools or their life expectancy. Everything works great and nothing appears to be at risk of breaking/coming apart/failing. When trimming my finger nails, the corresponding trimmer takes at least 3 clips to get across the entire nail. I start from one side of the nail and work over to the other side. For the toe nails, the corresponding trimmer can 1-shot all of my nails except for my first toe. The nail file is starting to lose its edge, but it still completely serviceable and I expect it to be fine for at least the next couple of year. The skin clippers do their job well. The nose hair scissors I admit I use more for spot checks on my facial hair since my nose hair has not become a big issue...yet. The tweezers can grip most hair easily, even tiny ones, as long as you "aim" them properly. The zipper case has also worked without issue, and if anything I expect that it will fail first among everything here.
My package shipped on September 25th and still isnt here. Est delivery on Friday 6th. Since when is 10+ day shipping normal in the states? When I pay $7.75 for a small package to be shipped I would expect something faster than FedEx's cheapest shipping option, smartpost.
Just received this kit and all the tools are high quality with the weak link being the plier like toe nail trimer. It needs to be more robust. It does not do a great job. If you have thick toe nails you will need a very strong hand to close and cut the nails, which go flying off. Good news the large flipper clippers and the rest of the tools work great.
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The "plier" instrument is for dead skin, not your nails. Think cuticle cutter.
My mistake.
I though he was calling them that.
Like translation mistake.
Vg10 steel?
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This thread is a trip. DrewDel is the only sane person here.

A) You're paying for an entire grooming kit, not just a pair of nail clippers.
B) You're clipping nails, not chopping down redwoods. You don't need clippers made of MaxElmaVG154CrS90VOMGWonderSteel to do that. The "what steel is this?" craze has reached "how many IBUs is my IPA?" neckbeard levels.
C) If you've ever used a pair of Seki Edge clippers, you'll know why they cost what they do. They outperform standard nail clippers to such a degree that it's revelatory. If the rest of the tools in the kit are of similar quality, then $65 is not excessive for something you'll use to take care of yourself for many, many years to come.