Shire Post Mint Vegvisir Norse Compass Spinnersearch

Shire Post Mint Vegvisir Norse Compass Spinner

Shire Post Mint Vegvisir Norse Compass Spinner

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First spin went for a bit over 11 minutes. However, subsequent spins now average between 5-6 min. on a good spin. Been pretty careful in handling the coin and the balance still seems good. Has anyone else had a significant drop in spin time?
Compass coins might be even cooler if they included an internal magnet, and could thus be used as an actual functioning compass. The existing spinner would work for this. After the top was spun, it would grsdually come to rest pointing north (theoretically).

I don'y know what effect the other metals would have on the magnet inside, but neither brass nor silver are magnetic themselves. A ceramic body could be pretty well guaranteed not to interact with an internal magnet.

Alternately, they could be made out of iron which is magnetised, and covered with an anti-rust coating.
I am actually prototyping a similar concept... to be anounced
Check out their Etsy too for more coins. Went looking for them as I wasn't interested in this design, but the ideas, and they have a lot of them! I hope we get more drops from them soon of the other coins.
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epsilon748 We've done some production for board games. Our costs are higher than pretty much everybody else, so It's difficult to make an affordable coin. Campaign Coins in Australia does some really cool and unique spun coins for RPGs and board games. And Rare Elements has some rad designs as well.

Would the space coin be just 1 coin? Woody could probably do something custom for just one piece depending on what you'd need. That way you'd avoid the metal charges for the dies. If you wanted to get weird with it, we've got some blue cryptic Roswell coins, see photos below. The text is "klaatu barada nikto" inscribed in Cypriot.

If not as a spinner, a thicker version would be nice. Like I said, I really like it- but I'd like it even more if it were thicker :)
Do I need any spell / sorcery when I need this to bring me home? lol
Just read a little from the Huld Manuscript and you should be covered.
Thanks! I'll start my Icelandic lesson asap xd
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