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Shure SE215 Earphones

Shure SE215 Earphones

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ship to australia?
Needs to drop below $80 for me to bite on this.
Now what I'd give to have the SE846 instead... ($800, I guess).
These are 69.99 on Walmart. Are they the same ones?
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Yep, same exact ones. Just canceled my Massdrop order and bought from there instead. Thanks for the heads up on this!

Edit: due to arrive from Walmart 3 days earlier than the Massdrop ship date, too.
When is the expected ship date for this drop?
July 7th.
Amazon is selling these: Shure SE215-CL with Prime shipping for $89.00 right now. Same MSRP. is there a quality difference?
Nope. Both are SE215 earphones.
SE215-CL is the clear model, SE215-K is the black model. Same guts and accessories, just different colors.
I bought these for 89 dollars on Amazon 5 days ago and got free one day (they came in 12 hours) on Amazon Prime. DO NOT buy this drop just buy somewhere else unless you like waiting
these are 89 at Guitar center
Let's insist on "WARM"... The rest is literature... Not bad per say...
is only a 2 dll difference with amazon and you get them faster.
jet has them for less with coupon SPRING15
Yeah, they used to be $200 a pair but now they are less than half of that on Amazon... $85 is not so great of a deal with the wait...
Do they come with a warranty?
Shure SE215
Clear or Black
Special Price: $99.00
After coupon: $64.35

Today only with MOM35 code on
Thanks for the share. Shipping is US$25 to Singapore for one or two pairs.
Sold out now