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Skatebolt Tornado Electric Skateboard

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Are wheels inter-changeable? Can I replace them with normal after market long board wheels?
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There are many different boards out there that have swappable rear wheels to aftermarket brands, Boosted, Evolve, Carvon, etc... The reason is they have a belt & gear or direct drive system vs a hub wheel system.
Had the board for about a week now . Done some light testing (about 30 miles ridden), no long range stuff yet, some pretty steep hills. Both my sister (~110lbs) and I (~240lbs) have ridden it on smooth, rough and hilly roads. Some quick points before I post a more full review after more testing.

*The wheels are above average, not as squishy as aftermarket ones of course.
*The deck flex is minimal so rough roads get the feet tingling, I personally don't mind, neither does my sister.
*single kingpin trucks are fine, i prefer double kingpin
*Acceleration and break curves are AMAZING, so smooth, even at high and medium setting
*It's fast, not as fast as my bamboo GTX for me, but for my sister is very fast, don't know top speed though.
*At near 100% battery it climbs hills (even with me) easy. Tried it on about a 20%-25% grade, took it easy at about ~5-6mph, maybe faster, I think that's more than adequate since that is the steepest hill around.
*it is very very quiet, nearly silent on smooth roads.
*the remote is very basic, pistol grip with thumb operated accelerator/break. 0/10/60/100% Battery indicator could be better.
*Grip tape is too smooth for my liking, my sister likes it.
*Price on Massdrop was $100 cheaper than amazon, well worth it (SO FAR).

My only complaint so far is that the wrist band on the remote came off almost instantly. It didn't break, I think it simply wasn't attached and was only stuck in the hole before shipping. I wouldn't blame them though, thing is f***ing impossible to get back in, had to jimmy it with a piece of wire then attach the wristband to that.

The lights in the back I can see are on but I have only ridden this during the day so no testing on them yet, nor I do I really think I want to night ride. A little too dangerous in my area.

I haven't contacted customer support yet, manual is a translated English manual, and the packaging was adequate (soft foam).
How does this board compare to Inboard or Boosted? And I do not mean tech specs, I am talking about service and support. Boosted and Inboard provide excellent tech and warranty support, they stand behind their products trying to emulate Apple. Inboard also offers quick swap battery option which is a great feature. And did I mention excellent service? Anything happens to your board they fix or replace it. So is Boosted, without easy battery swap option though.
Can anyone comment on that? On longevity and reliability of this board?
In terms of support and request, this board is made in china unlike the Inboard and Boosted board made in the USA. All the manuals in that come with this board are translated from a different language and the service/ support teams are not very reliable from what I have seen from other peoples comments on this discussion page.
Really, no shipping to EU!?! Only difference sending this outside the US is filling out one extra form for customs, and price of shipping which you could charge the customer for.
Does this have "turbo mode?" How does this do in feet of snow? Can I use this like Marty McFly in back to the Future Part 2? Will I look cool if I ride this? Can I iron my clothes on this board too? Can I put twenty twos on this? Would you recommend this for a lazy guy?
is this the 2nd gen? -thanks
Thanks Dave for making this drop happen !

I have owned a Boosted Board Duel + for about a year and have ridden over 2k miles commuting in Silicon Valley and more recently San Francisco. As someone who grew up skating in West LA, Electric Skate Boards have literally been a dream come true. This Board packs the power of a high-end e-board, but at a much more affordable cost. Mobbing around the financial district with Dave testing the Skatebolt, I give it a thumbs up, and have decided to join the drop myself. Very much looking forward to the hub motors as I will not be needing to replace belts anytime soon. And am totally stoked that the range is much longer than my current board. This Skatebolt has 3 different speed modes and is perfect for all skill levels of riders. Personally, I like to put it in the highest mode and hold the throttle down, carving around all the other people on bikes and electric scooters.
Let me know if you have any questions about the board.

I live in the city too! How is taking the board on muni and carrying it around for short periods? I'm a little hesitant to pull the trigger due to the heavy weight.
Will it ship to Israel??
Hi Yotamm,

Unfortunately due to the size of the battery (277Wh) we are unable to offer this internationally, besides Canada.

Anyone that owns this product have an opinion?
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Of course! This might be just the board then!

This looks like a nice board. Thanks for sharing all of the information that you did!
Electric Longboard*
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