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SlideBelts: Survival Belt 2.0

SlideBelts: Survival Belt 2.0

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Because using your blades edge to strike a fire-rod is the thing to do in a survival situation when it's your only knife. Survival belt in name only?
Hey Tasselhoff there is actually a notch just below the blade for exactly that purpose. Get yourself out in a survival situation and count on that.
I’ll wait until it comes with tactical toothpicks and chopsticks
Very nice belt, but I believe I'll hold out for the upgraded version. They've got a blade and fire-starter, but to make it more than just a belt, to turn it into a true tactical pants retention system, it also needs to have a compass and whistle; plus a panic button, squirrel snare, radon/lie detector, sphygmomanometer, and of course, turn signals.

In the meantime, my knotted piece of extension cord will just have to suffice.
I‘ve been wearing the survival belt to work every day for a year and can attest that the clamping mechanism is as tight now as it was the day I first pulled it out of its box. The composite construction of the belt portion itself has proven to be exceptionally durable, as well. I’ve seen absolutely zero indications of any sort of cracking or fraying.

I will also add in that I did not purchase my survival belt here, but rather ordered it direct from the manufacturer - and can therefore further attest to the fact that this drop represents a SUBSTANTIAL bargain compared to what you’ll normally pay.
Curious - have you ever encountered an opportunity to use the features of the belt? Besides the primary function of being a belt, I mean.
I would say that the light could theoretically come in handy in an extreme situation. I’m rarely without a cell phone on my person, however, and it will make more light for a longer period of time, so, no, I haven’t had a need to use it yet.

The knife portion is well constructed and much less of a novelty. But here too, I almost always have a folder in my pocket, so the blade in the belt has yet to be pressed into actual service.

The great utility of the survival model for me has been the extreme durability (over the course of a year) of the synthetic, reinforced belt construction. The buckle portion has held up well also, but I’ve been more impressed by the fact that there hasn’t been a hint of cracking or wear on the actual belt portion.
Do I need to take off my belt to use the tool?
I'd really like to keep my pants on if I want to crack open a beer...
Hey themaskeduser,
No you do not have to take your belt off to crack open your beer. Just loosen it up a little bit and pop that cap off at your waist. Enjoy!
Don't know about the "2.0" but the belt I got from them a few years ago was awful. The problem is the locking mechanism, not to complete the belt, but to connect it to the beginning of the belt. It has to dis into the leather with metal teeth and that tends to loosen up over time. Sure, you could continuously cut the belt to get rid of the worn area, but eventually you will have a belt that is too short to use. They are just too expensive for the return you get. The concept is awesome, the way it is carried out is flawed though.
Hey Jimflem,
The Survival Belt actually has no leather and I can assure you that the grip with this one is especially tight. That being said, please just relay your message to and they will help you out with a brand new and improved replacement for your SlideBelt.
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