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Did anyone get their watch yet? Is there an audible tick? Just wondering because I've tried to set the time three times and it seems like the battery is dead on arrival. Or maybe is there a way to turn it on?
I really wanted to like this watch based on the pictures, but I found the dimpled watch face (Crème) to look really cheap once I had it in hand.
Totally distraught!
Removed watch this morning as weather was getting humid and I didn't want the leather band to stain from sweat.
Came back after lunch and the glass is destroyed! I can only assume that the heat has stressed the glass too much as it seems to be a compression fracture.
I wonder if the color combinations offered to Massdrop are the worst selling ones...Because the one I want is not available. Black and cream? Come on...
I own this watch (not through massdrop though). Only had it for about 2 months. I work in an office and don't do any activities that should lead me to scratch the lens on this watch. After all, it's a K1 mineral crystal, the strongest of mineral crystals.

But it's no sapphire, and my watch already has a scratch next to the 9.
If they made this watch with sapphire crystal, i'd buy it immediately. But for now, be warned that you might want to get a watch glass protector for it.
A recent Kickstarter, Jacopo Dondi.

Karl Falk is a U.K. brand that specializes in einzeiger watches, made in Germany with Swiss movements (ETA and Unitas), either automatic or hand-winder. There seem to be only four models at the moment, the two movements each in a white or black watch face, leather strap (although some photos also show a bracelet). The prices are 600 euros, shipped free internationally.

The specs are not clear other than the movement. The diameter and thickness are not specified.
I was just too late to join this drop. Anyone who ordered a Slow Jo 17 and is looking to sell it?
FYI, it's back.
I jumped in on the 17 at the last minute...I'd had my eye on this watch on and off for awhile and finally decided to pull the trigger. Not sure if I'm going to love it or hate it in daily wear, but it's unique enough that I'm willing to take a shot.
Just picked up the 17 for my wife. She has wanted that model FOREVER so I am going to win some huge points. Would love to see Massdrop offer the Slow Jo 19 in the future so I can get one for myself.
There are many single hand watches on eBay with very interesting dials, many of which are much less expensive, and probably just as "good," as this one. I searched for "Zeno single hand."
These are just weird.
The Zeno-Watch Basel OS Retro Uno

47.5 mm
Mineral crystal
Display back

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To each his own; there's no accounting for taste.

The Slow watches are non-starters for me because they're quartz. And I don't like 24-hour dials on einzeigers. With a 12-hour dial you can learn to tell the time plus or minus a couple of minutes, especially with with chapter rings like the Muhle Glaschutte watch. Finally, the Slow watch shape is just too eccentric. I can tolerate the quartz Nixon einzeigers because they don't try to be eccentric. You get to be eccentric if you have authenticity. Otherwise you're a poseur and manqué. You can have the green hair and nose piercing if you you can actually play the guitar. If you want to be an octagonal watch, you need to have a good mechanical movement, hopefully visible.

I have the Slow Jo 17, which I found on the floor and identified. It's an absolutely amazing watch.
Various MeisterSinger single-hand watches.
The M 29 Classic Einzeiger from Mühle Glashütte;

SW 200-1 Mühle version automatic movement, 38-hour reserve
42.2 mm
Sapphire crystal
Display back
Leather strap or stainless bracelet with butterfly clasp

The 12-hour watch face has two scales, a 1 hour/15 minute index, and around the edges a 10/2 minute index for those with very good eyesight.


Botta Design:




(The single hand on that last one moves counter-clockwise.)

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I am currently wearing one and I absolute love it. It's comfy, the dials and design makes it very easy to tell the time and give you the perspective of day and night.

I think the only mechanical watch from them was the discontinued vintage lens watch.
Wish they offer more watch using automatic movement

Their lens watches are a bit more convincing as lenses than my OrientStar Retro Future Camera watches, which are supposed to evoke, while not actually looking like, 1950s German camera lenses from Leica, Zeiss, et al.

It's not clear from the website that the Vintage Lens Automatic TS1601 is discontinued. But they seem to have no online shop, so it's hard to tell.

Edit: Ah, I see that they have a U.S. site that says it's out of stock: