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for this price you can get a DUFA Watch
If "not even remotely similar" is your criterion, for this price you can get a LOT of watches.
How much were they during the last drop ?
I paid 164$ all in all last drop. Dunno why they would raise the price so much.
I should clarify that I bought it last year. Not sure when the last drop was.
I've had one of these for a few years now. An excellent "once in a while" watch. I added marks on the 3,9,15,and 21 hours, it makes it much easier to read at a glance.
The solution to your problem is to get a 12-hour einzeiger, not a 24.
Did anyone get their watch yet? Is there an audible tick? Just wondering because I've tried to set the time three times and it seems like the battery is dead on arrival. Or maybe is there a way to turn it on?
No noticible tick with my Slow O.
I really wanted to like this watch based on the pictures, but I found the dimpled watch face (Crème) to look really cheap once I had it in hand.
Love mine, easiest to read dial I have.
Totally distraught!
Removed watch this morning as weather was getting humid and I didn't want the leather band to stain from sweat.
Came back after lunch and the glass is destroyed! I can only assume that the heat has stressed the glass too much as it seems to be a compression fracture.
10/10 for customer service!
I contacted warranty dept regarding my watch and they sent a replacement lens and refunded me the cost of having it installed in my watch. Over the moon with both service and watch. One of my favs in spite of being my newest watch!
Same thing happened to my watch. I contacted Massdrop with pictures of the fault. They told me that it was not part of the warranty. I threw my $200 Slow-mo watch in the bin. Last time I have anything to do with Slow-mo....
I wonder if the color combinations offered to Massdrop are the worst selling ones...Because the one I want is not available. Black and cream? Come on...
I own this watch (not through massdrop though). Only had it for about 2 months. I work in an office and don't do any activities that should lead me to scratch the lens on this watch. After all, it's a K1 mineral crystal, the strongest of mineral crystals.

But it's no sapphire, and my watch already has a scratch next to the 9.
If they made this watch with sapphire crystal, i'd buy it immediately. But for now, be warned that you might want to get a watch glass protector for it.
A recent Kickstarter, Jacopo Dondi.

Looks way sexier than the Slow Jo. It's too bad that these are still Quartz watches. I realize that since there's no seconds hand to have the smooth sweeping movement, it would lose some of its purpose. Still, it's hard for me to justify purchasing a Quartz watch at this price when there are lots of beautiful automatics for the same cost.
Karl Falk is a U.K. brand that specializes in einzeiger watches, made in Germany with Swiss movements (ETA and Unitas), either automatic or hand-winder. There seem to be only four models at the moment, the two movements each in a white or black watch face, leather strap (although some photos also show a bracelet). The prices are 600 euros, shipped free internationally.

The specs are not clear other than the movement. The diameter and thickness are not specified.
I was just too late to join this drop. Anyone who ordered a Slow Jo 17 and is looking to sell it?
FYI, it's back.
It's back! (Slo-Jo, that is)