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I got this as a DAC for my MacBook Pro at work, and I use it with my Massdrop HD 6xx headphones, and they used to sound amazing. However, recently I've noticed that music I play is popping and clicking every 5-10 seconds, regardless of which application I'm using. I've tested using bluetooth headphones on my phone from the same streaming sources and it isn't the streaming that has the pops in them, it's the DAC that is giving me the pops and crackles. I have it set up as just the DAC/amp, so the only plug going into it is the micro-USB cable from the computer. Is this a power issue? Do I need to find a separate power supply for it? And if I do, what are the voltage input values? I really don't want to blow the thing up, and I'm disappointed enough in my new setup as it is. (I had a Bravo Audio Ocean tube amp coming out of the DAC, but the audio in the tube amp was louder in the left channel than the right regardless of input or type of headphones being used)
Will these be enough to power DT 1990 Pros or would the Topping A30 be a better option?
Will this power the DT 990 Pros?
Yes, but it will mostly use the top half of your volume adjustment (assuming you have the 250 ohm version) if you have any lower ohm version then this amp will be more than enough
Would this be an upgrade from a Fiio e10k?
Yes, but marginly
The back outputs to connect up to powered speakers are a big plus for me, so if it sounds just as good I might have to get one.
Any info on the output impedance of these? How would it pair with sensitive IEM, such as the MD+?
To be honest I had a hard time finding out about this as well. For some odd reason the manufacturer didn't list its spec, but according to this site:

It's listed as 0.06 Ohm so it should be able to use anything on it.
Is there anyone who may know final package box size (W x H x D) and weight of this product?
amazon lists the product dimensions as such: 3.7 x 3 x 1.2 inches so it probably wont be much bigger
this or the Schiit Fulla 2?
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on my schiit fulla 2, powered with usb or phone charger sounds great on front interface, but rear outputs hiss so I just don't use them. tried it 2 ways: on powered speakers, and to output to another headphone amp using fulla as a dac only, but fulla made them hiss.
Sorry your having that. Schiit has great customer service. I'm sure they'd make it right for you.

How well will these work with typical speakers? I have larger bookshelf style speakers I use for my setup and currently using a full size stereo receiver amp and wanna shrink the space down a little
Wrong type of amp. This is strictly a headphone amp. If you want a small amp to run speakers you can try a Topping MX 3 or if you are willing to Shell out the money a NAD D3020
Any Australians know what kind of power adapter this needs for dc power?
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Not sure if this would be of help, but I used to power this unit off a phone charger connected to wall socket, and had no issue. You will only need to use the "in DC" if you are gonna use the optical input (not sure about coaxial, I don't use it).
My country's voltage is 220V, Australia's is 230V (given by my best friend Google), so I'm leaning more towards the "No issue" side. But hey, I'm no electrical engineer :)

For DC power no idea, But if you are using USB to power it your motherboard has a full circuit of amp/transistors i forget the other things names e.t.c. They set USB to the correct power they are designed for. Your only issue is if you plug multipul devices into into the same USB hub e.g. you have 4-6 usb 3.0 ports on your PC & 4 things plugged in, this will cause issues, usually for Dac/Amps it makes them quieter. Using that example & my Sennheiser GSX1000 & 3 other things plugged in its on 80 volume, with just the sennheiser its on 20-30 volume. Small other factors like laptop & low power settings also affect it. (I'm from New Zealand & the GSX1000 USB was purchased from USA if they helps ease your worrys).
had mine for over a year and no issues, sounds great! using it on my HIFIMAN HE4XX and Foxtex TH-00 Purplehearts.