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Any info on the output impedance of these? How would it pair with sensitive IEM, such as the MD+?
Is there anyone who may know final package box size (W x H x D) and weight of this product?
this or the Schiit Fulla 2?
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Love the Fulla 2. Not a single issue with it. Nada, nothing. Incredible sound and very well made. American Made if that matters. To be balanced in my advice, SMSL makes great equipment. Don't think you can go wrong with either.
My fulla2 hisses in its rear outputs
How well will these work with typical speakers? I have larger bookshelf style speakers I use for my setup and currently using a full size stereo receiver amp and wanna shrink the space down a little
Wrong type of amp. This is strictly a headphone amp. If you want a small amp to run speakers you can try a Topping MX 3 or if you are willing to Shell out the money a NAD D3020
Any Australians know what kind of power adapter this needs for dc power?
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I see two USB slots, one labeled “in DC”, was just wondering if the voltage here would cause any issues?
Not sure if this would be of help, but I used to power this unit off a phone charger connected to wall socket, and had no issue. You will only need to use the "in DC" if you are gonna use the optical input (not sure about coaxial, I don't use it).
My country's voltage is 220V, Australia's is 230V (given by my best friend Google), so I'm leaning more towards the "No issue" side. But hey, I'm no electrical engineer :)

had mine for over a year and no issues, sounds great! using it on my HIFIMAN HE4XX and Foxtex TH-00 Purplehearts.
Any update on the build quality of these? From the drop a year ago it looks like a lot of people got bad units that died within weeks, have those issues been resolved?
Since I've got mine, not from massdrop, I've never saw any problems.
This one or bravo v2 wich should i chose

Loving the sound.
Got it and I managed to get my iPad to power it. If you have the apple camera connector dongle you can get it to work.
Hoping mine arrives today. It's schedules by end of day but hasn't arrived yet. Really excited to try it out!
This is an amazing piece of audio equipment. Works really well with my AKG M220 and AKG K553 Pro's as well as my cyber acoustic speaker set, on the pre-amp, sounded really well and used for gaming, movies, and music.
Well that was until it stopped producing sound from the amp side, still works out of the pre-amp only at the moment for some reason. Tried different cables and power sources but no good change, stopped accepting any kind of signal from anything. Will be contacting warranty services. Cannot seem to find the US site to contact them directly. Purchased 12-28-2016 arrived 1-14-17.

Have contacted owning company and their reply was:
"Hi M, Good day. Please find Massdrop to solve this problem. Best Regards Kerwin Shenzhenaudio"
works and looks great. but volume knob works slightly unbalanced in 0 to 15 degree range.
It says an android phone can power it? i wonder if an iPhone would power it with the camera adapter cable?