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Loving the sound.
Got it and I managed to get my iPad to power it. If you have the apple camera connector dongle you can get it to work.
Hoping mine arrives today. It's schedules by end of day but hasn't arrived yet. Really excited to try it out!
This is an amazing piece of audio equipment. Works really well with my AKG M220 and AKG K553 Pro's as well as my cyber acoustic speaker set, on the pre-amp, sounded really well and used for gaming, movies, and music.
Well that was until it stopped producing sound from the amp side, still works out of the pre-amp only at the moment for some reason. Tried different cables and power sources but no good change, stopped accepting any kind of signal from anything. Will be contacting warranty services. Cannot seem to find the US site to contact them directly. Purchased 12-28-2016 arrived 1-14-17.

Have contacted owning company and their reply was:
"Hi M, Good day. Please find Massdrop to solve this problem. Best Regards Kerwin Shenzhenaudio"
works and looks great. but volume knob works slightly unbalanced in 0 to 15 degree range.
It says an android phone can power it? i wonder if an iPhone would power it with the camera adapter cable?
I was a part of the last drop this dac sucks
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Yeah. Luckily Massdrop responded within a few hours and it seems like things are moving along.
As an update, Massdrop resolved this issue really quickly, so +1 to them and their customer support!
I just started using this less than 2 hours ago and now all I get is white noise. It is very loud. Can someone please help?
As an update, Massdrop refunded me for the unit. I have since invested into another amp. I appreciate Massdrop's swift response. I was refunded within 48 hours of reporting the issue.
Thank you Massdrop.
Mine stopped working out of the blue a few weeks ago. Have tried all combinations of outputs/inputs, but can't get a peep out of it. Lights still turn on, and it is detected by PCs that I have tried, but something goes wrong between the DAC chip and the audio output. Quite disappointed with it.
Hmm ever since 12-02 the tracking information only shows in transit to the transportation hub. Was thinking that i would atleast have an update on the tracking to be on its way to europe. Or does it take longer this time, due to getting customs to clear the package for further handling?
inpatient me:) it arrived today. now to get it set up and stuff!

Been driving my HD 558s for the past hours with this, i gotta say, i am impressed!
Seems to add quite some detail to already amazing headphones:D

Happy with the purchase!
Will this be good for a pair of ATH-M50x?
Will this power Senn hd600?
It would, but you might have to turn it up a bit more than usual to get your desired audio level. Other products might be better suited for your needs, such as this:
Honestly I didn't like this amp. I bought it along side thx00, hd650, and Fidelio x2 to compare to my modded he400i. I honestly preferred all of them without the amp. It seem to take away some of the bass without really giving me anything to try to compensate. I would highly recommend Mayflower amp instead. Just my 2 cents
It's possible your preference is just a touch on the bass-heavy side. I can vouch that I get plenty of nice, tight bass in songs that were mixed for it with this unit. It's very neutral, and that's what a DAC should be.
I concur.