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SMSL SAP-12 Headphone Amplifier

SMSL SAP-12 Headphone Amplifier

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Why would anyone get this over something like the Schiit Magni 3 that is the same price, same low distortion and is much more powerful and versatile?
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You need look no further than the reviews for some of SMSL's products on Amazon to see that they ship products that are DOA and have early failures which are sometimes completely ignored by their iffy support. On the other side, Schiit actually stands by their products with warranties that are longer than most others in the industry. The only warranties I could find for SMSL's products are one year (with iffy support). The Magni's warranty is two and some of their higher end products have five year warranties.

The scratching noise you're talking about is completely normal for an analog pot, and it only happens when you're turning the knob. Third, the CNC machined enclosure of this SMSL headamp is so expensive to produce that it leaves way less money for the internal circuitry. The Magni 3 has a much more cost efficient but still very nice looking bent sheet metal enclosure, a fantastic balance of cost vs. looks from an industrial design standpoint, and leaves way more money on the bill of materials for the actual meat.

I've done a teardown of the Magni 3 myself and can speak to it's high quality internals including an Alps pot and Nichicon capacitors. From the looks of my splatter-free board, they've gotten much better about their production quality than they used to.
Your foul attitude and language is like solder splatter all over this great community.
Does this Amplifier make my Headphones look big?
It's not the amp that's making it look big.
Maybe is a passthrough connection to the previous (DAC) unit in the stack, less power cable hassle.
There's some extra info about the SAP-12 on it's product page at SMSL:

More complete power output specs:

32 ohms: 210mW
64 ohms: 160mW
150 ohms: 93mW
300 ohms: 52.5mW
600 ohms: 28mW

And the RCA output is an "ultra low distortion" pre-out so you can use the SAP-12 as a pre-amp.

No mention of the output impedance that I could find. I can't see anything there that explains the two power inputs either.

It's not overly powerful, and they seem to be emphasizing the low-distortion performance, customized design and component quality as the main selling points.

While its probably a perfectly good little amp, I just can't see anything to get really excited about unless you really wanted a matching headphone amp to stack with your M8/M8A DAC.
Anybody know anything about this? Can't seem to find any information about it. I'm keen on buying the O2 amp to pair with my topping d30 dac and he4xx. Any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.
That O2 will do.
two power supply connections?
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The odd thing is that if power consumption is just 1.5 W, a modern USB charger could power this thing from one port alone, unless I'm wrong?

Possibly. We would need to look at the product manual about that.
Still, in the product page:
I see a 5V 2.5A PSU included. Quite the overkill for "1.5W" consumption, unless the 1.5W is some kind of error.
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