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I just posted my review of SMSL SU-8:

It is very good. Just misses a few things to unseat Topping D50 from objective performance point of view.
I'm in,,, just hoping this sounds better then the Smsl m8 I've had for three years. Granted the m8 sounds very good. Just looking for a little less glare. That's the only way I can describe it. This looks great and is cheaper then the m8 and the Smsl p1 power supply that I used with it.
So far it does seem less "harsh" or "sharp" sounding to me than most DACs I have tried with the 9018 chip, like the first M8, and I have owned 3 so far, the M8, Topping D10 and Oppo HA-1. It's just my ears, and not stating as a certainty, but I have found the 9038 chip to have a bit smoother sound compared to older Sabre DACs, but still very detailed. I also could just be crazy, lol.
I don't think your crazy. I think your right. After reading hundreds of discussions/reviews of dacs. Ive been very happy with the m8. I haven't even turned it off in 3 years. And have had no problems with it. I remember having the impression the thing sounded even better after a month or so. I did add Schiit wyrd to chain. So that might be it. Well anyways and M8 with a little less glare, thats all I am looking for. I sitting 3 feat away from a pair of kef ls50s I will know.
I’ve joined the drop. But I just noticed:

For those who are into measurement have a look at the specs. This has dual ESS 9038 mobile chips, becuase this has balance and support XLR, the figures for DR and SNR are lower than the M8A with a single chip, no psu and no XLR support.
For Su8 SNR 116 DR116
for M8A. SNR 117 DR125.
Now you would have thought that with ESS doing mono per channel the figures would be better.....
Just saying! I’ve joined the drop becuase at $300AU or $200US delivered what can you get for XLR support, dual dac Chip, with a remote to change filter settings?
May I ask a favor? Would multiple purchasers please review this? I have been wondering how the ES9038 chip would perform in various implementations ever since I read about the pending release. Currently, I prefer the "house sound" of the Burr-Brown chip to the Sabre family (my main dac is the ifi Nano iOne), but I'm always open to a change of mind.
I'm going to wait for measurements from some charlatan on the Internet who tells me what to buy because the two measuring devices on the sides of my head aren't functioning properly.
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Oh, I was agitated by the rise of "waiting for measurements from amirm" long before the recent controversy. Hive mind mentalities always bother me, which is why I find it so frustrating that no one could have cared less about RME and Topping at the beginning of this year and now everyone and their mother wants or has a DAC from one of these companies based on some graphs. It's not the measurements that bother me so much as the rabid cult following and the sucking of all the joy out of what can be a fun hobby.
Well, being I was the first to join this drop , I usually don't wait for the measurements, but I will read his posts and use them, along with other articles and such, to decide if something might be worth plopping down my cash. I bought the SU-8 mostly on my past experience with the M8 and Sanskrit Pro DACs, and with others experience with them, and I have so far been happy with it, but it's only been a day.
I am glad that these low cost Chinese companies are being brought to light, like Topping, because their D10 is one hell of a bargain when purchased on Massdrop at $74.99 for a DAC that sounds just about as good as any other I have owned so far. My problem is I just don't know when to say no to the next new thing, lol.
It's a shame this DAC doesn't come in black like the Topping D50... Is there any chance of a drop with a black version in the future?
Would I be able to use the xlrs to connect a pair of monitors, and the RCA's to connect a sub with this device?
Make sure you flip the unit over and see what voltage it is set to, mine was on 230V and I am in the U.S. so I switched it to 115V.
is there a way to see the internal pictures of this? they should really provide some pics of internal circuit boards.
It's too early to re-drop. I'm waiting for Amirm to measure it since I read that he ordered it too :D I hope this will re-drop in August lol
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Oh Thanks Man! Whoever is doing it, I wanna say thank you!
I hope he gets to do a tear down on it, too. Wanna see how it's guts look, and the quality of parts used. So far, it sounds nice, but only a few days of sporadic use.
That shipping confirmation tho
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It's coming today, too bad I have a ton of crap to do almost all afternoon and evening.
Guys, this DAC is amazing!
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How does it sound through the RCAs?
Don't know. Only used XLR so far