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The dac sounds great, but there is a high pitch audible noise when its on... coming from the dac itself, not the line... anyone else experiencing this?
Dang Ok, thanks, I've emailed customer support but no response on this yet...
This DAC is awesome!!, idk what the pcm filter does tho
Think of it as an audio filter for managing the DAC frequency response from the source . Sine-wave tweaking like roll-off speed or phase type. I'm sure your manual has more info. Depending on amplification, you may not even notice. Looking forward to receiving mine soon.
how does this compare to the chord mojo
I have the mojo. I will compare and let you know (using in my main speaker system). i dont expect this to out perform the mojo. Hoping it is almost as good.
. I received my S.M.S.L SU-8 today and it sounds great! This is my set up.
any chance i can pay more for an extra remote in case one breaks? Seriously, drop manager
I do want to order this give the great review I posted but reading here there DOES seem to be some QC issues... It really is the right price!
Yeah. i joined this drop, but am very nervous right now, based on what little information is floating around. Seems to be an ambition product (jamming this much functionality into such a small box for small pricerange is tough!, witch some problems with either qc or design (?) ... hope mine comes perfect :)

Anyone else have a problem where the balanced out seems to just stop outputting audio from USB and the only way to get it to do it again is either power cycle or cycle the input and then it comes back with some stuttering but fixes itself in a few seconds? Seems to happen randomly and is getting rather annoying.
Z review FWIW... Very Positive!
Aw, the SMSL doesn't have "Boob 3?" As much as this dude is all over the place with his reviews, he describes things in my language!
He is a trip and has a VERY loyal following on Patreon and YT. He is one of the few that pushes you can have great sound and value without spending $1000's all the time, while acknowledging when warranted, spending a bit or a lot more does get you more. Absolute Sound reviews are never this much fun!!! ;-)
Have joined the drop :-) anyone know what UK power lead I will need for this? Looks like it ships US style only, no choice on purchase.
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Just need to switch the unit to 230/240 and adapt the plug.

The Topping D30 has a similar sound if you aren't looking for balanced outs at about $90-100 US cheaper, but this unit is so nice you aren't going to find much more than diminishing returns as you go up from this.
Quite impressed with the sound, big difference in quality compared to using the pc motherboard, or even the amp alone. Looking forward to the HD6XX arriving. However I couldn’t get the optical source to work, usb worked perfectly but when optical was selected, in the sound menu of windows the “speaker” just disappeared. Spotify that i was using at the time, just said cannot play track. Any ideas? Is it a windows/pc issue? - UPDATE- nothing wrong with optical output, it was just listed in the sounds menu as realtek- and I missed it. Couldn’t actually be much happier with this DAC.
Is this diggitally attenuated?
When will you drop again? Will definitely buy if dropped on massdrop. been looking for a cheap balanced dac
It just did!