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Glad I jumped in, I didn't want to miss out again. I am very excited
Anyone know why this drop suddenly ended? I swear there was 3 days left on this one...
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They only had 46 units to sell and they all sold.
That would make a lot of sense, thanks! I'm potentially interested, but I probably won't jump on this one until the THX 789 AAA drops again... and that one isn't coming for another few months, I believe.
meh. with Chinese audio, "you gets what you pay for."
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Wow, you must be in love with Jason Lim or something. After all, two dipshits, one obviously more knowledgeable than the other, go right together.
Aww, were your feelings hurt? Now you’re calling yourself out. If you’re looking for someone with the “Obsession of having to be the smartest guy in the room” and “intolerance of alternative views”, I suggest looking in a mirror. Unless, of course, looking in your mirror triggers your confidence issues.
If you go to Aliexpress and search for this DAC there is a picture of the circuit board. Looks to be high quality to me. I've been working on and modifying equipment for many years and I see nothing wrong with the parts quality. If someone sees something wrong please enlighten us. I wasn't able to link the photo here but maybe someone who's more proficient with computers can do so.
I see something wrong, the price is wrong
We're not discussing price. We're discussing the quality of the DAC. I think we may all have to accept that with the new trade sanctions we will have to pay more for Chinese electronics. Whether the price is too high is a decision each person will have to make themselves. It's not an absolute that will be true for everyone.
Does this D1 come with the remote control in the photos? The photos clearly show the remote control. But the remote control is not listed in what is included. Can someone from Massdrop please clarify? Thanks.
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Regarding the DAC differences, I couldn't tell you about the Gungnir's sound compared to the D1, being R-2R Vs Delta-Sigma respectively since I never heard it before, but I do own a Topping DX7S, which is a Delta-Sigma like the SU-8, albeit a tad bit more expensive if we go by massdrop prices, probably due to the headphone out or some other factor. Comparing both side by side using the THX-789, Jotunheim, Darkvoice 336SE, and The La Figaro 339 as the amps, the D1 simply outperforms the DX7s by a pretty decent margin. Using the Breyerdynamic T1 mkii, Aeon Flow Open with the foam insert swaps, Audio-Technica MSR7 with Brainwavz Pads, HD600s, and the LCD-X, all with balanced 4pins, besides the MSR7, for the THX789 and Jotunheim. Now the D1 does have 10 nifty DSP filters, which does help tweak the sound a bit to my liking for each headphone, but besides that the D1 makes my music feel less fatiguing, like, I'd get headaches from prolonged periods with the Breyerdynamic for example, but the D1 just makes it easier to listen to them and I can enjoy them for longer. Also instruments and voices have a better definable location in the tracks, soundstage is ever so slightly increased over all, and some songs in particular, as in very well mastered songs, have a special tone to them that the DX7s couldn't provide (actually even Iggy's Raw Power mix sounded stellar with the D1), although by all means, the DX7s as a DAC is still outstanding, just a bit sharp in a sense, a bit analytical per say. All all, I'm really happy with the sound, and the price is really good compared to the 1,300 on Amazon. Oh also I've tried the D1 and DX7s using Optical, Coaxial and USB, from both my computer and from the iBasso DX200, and the D1 still sounds better in all cases. Oh also ears work differently from person to person, so a big difference for me may be a small difference for you, so take that into consideration.

Thanks for that comprehensive run down of the Topping. Before I read this I decided to join the D1 drop. It seems that together with my THX 789 and other amps I own, it will be great. I agree overall that the DX7s is not as good a DAC. It’s good! Just not AS good, to me as the SMSL SU-8 and at a much higher cost. I am in the process of either returning the DX7s I bought on eBay or selling it. Thanks.
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Man, when amir posted the measurement of the schiit yggdrasil I was so disappointed given the 2400 dollar price tag. Same goes for the hyped audio gd products . His measurements are definitely worth to look at before considering any day or amp.
I’m sorry to say, there is not a single SMSL product that should be even close to $800. Way over priced for what they are not. It is a Markiting scam for the Unknowledgeable American market because of the ignorance on audio equipment . When you take them apart and analyze their products the component manufactures they use are of the lowest quality and the to Pieology typology they use is just copied for lower end clones that already existed on the bargain market that are nothing special . For us that build our own stereo equipment from scratch we just cry and shake your head at the people who fall for the scam to buy these reboxed mass market products it’s a disgrace. It’s OK product for about 1/4 of the price maybe 1/3 at the very most but that would be it .
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Why not build a house your self instead of buying one already made? There too, you can save an enormous amount of money.
Actually we did with my father when I was 17 we were finished with the house by the time I turn 19 I was 2700 ft.² the hot tub cedar deck all the way around our own well and flowing gardens going down to the street and after that I got a job with the contractor building houses for three years . So yes you are correct we save the norm us amount of money . My brother built all three of his house from my brother built all three of his house from the ground up . You make a good point I forgot to use that as an analogy thank you .
I do need some advice guys, would it be possible to connect this dac directly to a pair of W4S sx 1000R class D mono blocks without a preamp ?. I have been researching and still have no clue if its possible, the whole idea is to connect this to my thx 789 and at the same time to the mono blocks. next the specs of the amps for impedance etc, :
  • Typical THD+N 8Ω (10W out): 0.0055%
  • Power Output 8Ω @ 0.2% THD+N: 570W
  • Power Output 8Ω @ 1.0% THD+N: 625W
  • Power Output 4Ω @ 0.2% THD+N: 1,140W
  • Power Output 4Ω @ 1.0% THD+N: 1,225W
  • IMD (CCIF): 0.0005%
  • Transient Inter modulation (TIM): 0.005%
  • Output Idle Noise: <80µV
  • Efficiency 4Ω: 79% @ 1000W
  • Efficiency 8Ω: 78% @ 500W
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz: ± 0.4db
  • Lower Bandwidth: 3.3Hz (All Loads)
  • Balanced Input Impedance: 91kΩ
  • Unbalanced Input Impedance: 91kΩ
  • Dynamic Range: 118db
  • Gain: 27db
  • Sensitivity: 2.95V
  • Output Impedance: 0.005Ω
  • Min Load: 2Ω
  • Dampening Factor (100Hz 8Ω): 2000
  • Max Output Current: 40A
  • Channel Tracking: < ± 0.02 db
  • Idle Power Consumption: 15W
thank you in advance
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Than you very much
Than you very much for your reply :)
Hope there is a second drop on this at the same price, post Christmas. I would like one. Does this have a click or decrease in noise when changing source sampling rates?
Yes, there is an audible click from the unit, but that is not audible in the signal output. I do not detect any change in volume too. I hope this helps.
Just dropped!
If there's anyone out there with early buyer's remorse and wants out, pm me on reddit /u/pulseforce.
Just dropped again.
Double, triple Doh! Why drop this right before holidays when we're all tapped out? Massdrop, please drop again in the new year!
This vs the RME ADI v2? I want to get this but I know my wallet will murder me for it.
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Dam, I kind of regret not joining the buy...I guess I'll just wait until it runs again or until someone in this buy decides to sell theirs lol
Just dropped. Game on!
Hi all. I was wondering what those experienced with the THX linear amp and this DAC thought about how the combo would compare to Monolith by Monoprice Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology (Dual AKM 4493 DACs & Dual AAA-788 Modules)? The Monolith seems to be a very good unit. All in one, so no cables, and at a fraction of the price? Plus it’s available now as opposed to waiting for the amp to drop again. Thoughts? Thanks!

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Let us know how the THX 789 compares to the Monoprice THX, especially regarding the hissing of the IEMs on both.
So I have acquired the THX 789 and the SU-8 DAC. Very nice combo. But I am wondering if there is any incremental benefit to swapping out the SU-8 for the SMSL D1 DAC that is an active drop now? The D1 is fairly pricey and makes me wonder at this price point how it compares to the Schiit Gungnir since it also has balanced connections, but is also Multibit etc? Comments? Thanks!
I just consulted with SMSL and this is what they're saying about the warranty for this unit: Kindly consult with the seller for after-sale requirements. We can provide 1 year warranty for RMA goods. Only for repair. But there are international shipping cost and TAX issues you need to confirm with seller. Kelly 
And this has always been my concern with a lot of vendors from China is support stateside. I wish they had a small hub or vendor that could deal with warranty and issues in the US.
I got my D1 from Shenzen Audio (via Amazon). The first D1 broke after day 1. Shenzen had a stateside vendor that I shipped the defective unit to (Shenzen paid for the domestic shipping, as well) and they overnight shipped a second unit (which has worked since) from China. Doesn't help us here, obviously.
I can’t believe I just pulled the trigger on this.. My THX is going to be so happy.
You are going to love that combination. So transparent.
Nothing about warranty. Does it have one, for how long, and what does it cover?
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Wish you good luck !
How does this compare to a schiit Gumby? If it was $700-$750 I would jump on this but it is hard to find any good reviews of this. Maybe it’s too new of a prodcut
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apple to orange.... one plays dsd, pcm >192khz the other doesn't... also i don't know how you justify the $750 price point... this ain't D50
I am using this DAC as I write. This is 'the BEST' non-MQA delta-sigma DAC. This dac is part of my 22K USD hifi system, running Focal Diablo Utopia Evo + PS BHK Dual Mono and etc. If you are into DACs, you only need to remember three choices. (yes I have used Chord Dave, and yes I have not used MBLs - because you can't consider them as regular audio components) SMSL VMV D1 - best delta sigma dac (colder sound compared to PS DS, which is what I prefer) Matrix Element X - best MQA delta sigma network dac (without MQA and network, vmv d1 is better) PS Direct Stream - end game dac (more natural compared to VMV D1) Sadly, the price doesn't seem to be that great unless you are living in US. If you are not in US, you should try negotiating the price with SMSL store directly through aliexpress.
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outside US, you usually have to pay tax, which is at least 11% for most of the countries. which makes this dac 1000 USD, excluding shipping. Aliexpress can go near or a bit lower(occasionally) than 1000.
You have a heck of a system. Those focals are freaking insane.
seeing how many ppl ordered 600 dol headphones (almost a thousand) - I'm surprised this DAC doesn't have sales. This is it, big rich guys! ASR have it in a solid 2nd place among all the DACs he measured! The. End. Game. :)
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In my opinion, yes. In my chain, that feature list would be very welcome and all I'd have left to add is a tube buffer of some sort. That, and I just love the quality of the screen and physical buttons for everything. There's also a pretty powerful amp in there as well (although I'd just be using it as a DAC for the THX 789).
Second that. I just picked up the RME ADI-2 DAC for the same reasons you described: features, excellent measurements and to pair with THX 789 for a headphone reference stack. FWIW, the 789 chassis is quite a bit deeper than the RME, but the two units are close enough in width that they work well as a stack with the DAC on top. The D1 may edge out the RME on measurements, but not by such a huge margin as to put it in another class. Meanwhile, the RME's display and tweakability features (filters, EQ, etc.) nicely support a core part of this hobby for me--listening to a varied music through a bunch of different headphones to discover what stands out. If I needed a simple "black box" DAC to feed my loudspeakers and get out of the way sonically, the D1 is an attractive option. However, I'm already perfectly content with the reference I have (Ayre QB9-DSD). The RME also works well in this role. I've only briefly tried it in my big setup, but first impression (from just a few songs and not-very-critical listening) was that it seems similarly transparent.
Input Voltage?
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It dosen't look like it has a switch. I'm not really sure it, might just be able to take both.
At this price does it even matter :P
"macOS 10.6 Linux or later" Listing Linux like a minor revision of macOS is funny, but in seriousness I also want to know if "or later" refers to a specific Linux kernel version. If it should be "macOS 10.6 or later, Linux" (as in any/all Linux kernels) I wouldn't be surprised. But I also wouldn't want to spend $900 and then find out it only works with Debian unstable and Arch.
I agree with you. That listing doesn’t really make sense. Even though whatever they turn out to be will be derivative of their original kernel someone that would need to know needs that specified. Especially since Linux has so many distros, even more so now a days.
Just got the email reply from Kelly at SMSL: fully balanced from input to output and AES/EBU is capable of DSD 64. Well, that settles it, I am cocking and pressing down onto aforesaid audio trigger.
Great customer service over at SMSL. They really stand behind their products.
Hmmm, very intriguing. SMSL has taken a page right out of the ultra-fi book with the separate power supply unit yet still cleverly kept it all in one chassis, definitely saves some coin for the end user. I am very torn between this, the Matrix X-Sabre Pro and the Denafrips Ares. The Matrix has better specs, but they mean nothing if you listen with your ears and not with a price list or spec sheet! And the Denafrips is an R2R DAC, so it is a totally different beast from these two ES9038Pro boys. I am really not a fan of USB and the specs do not mention if DSD is possible over the AES input, that would be just awesome. I have already sent an email to SMSL to find out, will share the info on Massdrop when I get an answer, if I do. I have always gotten better results with AES/EBU in most of my digital setups and it would be nice to get even DSD 64 at the very least over AES for my setup. Plus I can run it fully balanced to my headphone amp as most of the reviewers find that it has worked best in balanced in terms of sound and even in the measurements.
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Oh man! How I would love to hear these two against each other: R2R vs. top line delta sigma. My guess is that the Ares would likely have more meat on it and sound richer, or analogue, as punters would describe it. Member "audiooo" described the SMSL as "colder" than the PS Audio DirectStream. I have heard the PS Audio in a stupid expensive Pass Labs system with Gersham Acoustics speakers, it sounded way too bright! Again, that can always be the room and the particular setup not working well together or the dealer simply did not know anything about gear to save his life, likely the latter! Still, at $899 this is a good deal and around the same price as the Ares. The Matrix X-Sabre is quite a bit more expensive, and the build quality appears second to none.
I play the Ares R-2R into a Cary CAD-300SEI & Elex, to keep it short, a single descriptor; life
Basically been eyeing this Vs the RME ADI-2 DAC for a while now, seeing which one would go under 1000 first, and here it is!
I dig that they seem to have a separate enclosure for the PSU (?) . . . very clever! SMSL does not mess around :)
This is a good deal. This DAC showed me the imperfections of the LCX which ultimately led me to the THX AAA 789 which, btw, is a great combo balanced.
So you ditched the LCX for THX amp sent to this DAC?
Yes. Before I got the D1 I was running the DacMagic 100 to the LCX and it was okay. Then I got the D1 and ran it balanced to the LCX. It was a very transparent sound signature... so much so that I could now detect the LCX having a problem in the top end in some songs (distortion). Once I got the THX the problem went away.
So, in this price range... Why wouldn't I just spend a bit more and end up getting a Mytek?
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Mytek is snake oil
No credible measurements, just the usual "sounds good" + buzzwords spiel. A perfect DAC costs a fraction of the price of any Mytek product. It is clearly marketing to gullible/susceptible people.
EDIT - as @Schwibbles pointed out below, it appears there is no newer version of this DAC. I completely missed the SMSL response in the thread that the replacement board was exactly the same as the original. Regardless, if this is like the recent SU-8 drop Massdrop will be shipping the latest version. Question for @Matt.T Can you confirm this drop will be the latest version of the D1 with the "new board" referenced on ASR here:
If you look further down in that conversation, SMSL_Mandy mentions that the "new" board is no different than the one that comes in all the other units. It seems as though the D1 Amir got had a defect that was fixed by replacing the board.
Thank you for pointing that out! I completely missed Mandy's post.
I have a tough time processing the thought of buying a dac that is worth more than the actual headphones I own.
Then you just gotta buy some more expensive headphones ;P
Exactly! One thing shouldn't necessarily be more or less expensive than the others. The game is to upgrade whatever component (DAC, amp, HP) is the weakest link as soon as you can afford it, and repeat as long as you can perceive improvements. When you can no longer hear any improvement from an upgrade to any component, if you still have any money left, you win.