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Hi, I go solo and use the MSR Pocket Rocket. On short trips, I use the smaller canister, longer ones the larger. I am thinking the 900 would be best. Does anyone know if the PR will fit in there with the large canister? Thanks
The original Pocket Rocket will not fit with an 8 ounce MSR canister. But a Pocket Rocket 2 will.
Thanks very much Chugger. My bad, I have a 2, always forget there was one before.
Cheaper on amazon.
My 700 kit is a titanium pot with stainless steel lid, have they finally made a titanium lid? or is this just omitted from the description?
I replaced mine with a lid from Four Dog Stove:
I've heard the original lids are stainless but I suspect they're just thick titanium. (See the Q&A here:
You can buy a replacement lid (out of stock right now) that specifically claims to be titanium but I'm not convinced it's not the same lid as the original. I haven't bought one though so maybe I'm wrong. They do give a weight of 1 oz though. My original weighs 35 grams. But so many vendors understate weight.
My Four Dog lid weighs 21 grams though so I'll just stick with it. :-)
I am slightly interested in the cookset with the 900 and 1400, but it's $3.10 cheaper on Amazon with Prime same day delivery:
Cannot believe I missed this - please bring it back!
Try removing the plastic cap from the canister then place in the pot inverted. The stove will then fit below the rim on the 900. I also use a rubber band to hold the handle close to the body of my Snowpeak stove.
Good to know. Thank you.
I have this set. Number one annoyance is the tops do not really attach to the pot. I've tried multiple methods for keeping the two together. Great stuff just wish the fit was a little tighter.
Good info on cook set choices for cooking food, not just boiling water. A deeper version of the larger pot/fry pan in the multi compact set in the other drop. If you don't need 2 sets of similar size pots/pans, then this is a better deal at a lower price than the multi compact set. Plus this pot is deeper so less chances of things spiling over depending on your style of cooking. The 1.4 litre version will be perfect for cooking rice and pasta for me with a good stove that can simmer. Large enough to feed 2 people as well.
Can never seem to get any photos with relative size. Massdrop is getting lazy.
They give the dimensions, volumes and weights. Not sure what more you need. Have a ruler at home?
The 700 is the about the size of a average ceramic coffee mug.
I would like to know which pot they are showing with the fuel/stove Inside. That’s very useful info. Looks like a small fuel can.
@SantiagoDraco, @Knut
That's the 700 pictured with the canister/burner. (110 gram Snow Peak canister with a Gigapower burner)
The 900 will hold the next larger canister. With the larger canister in the 900, the same burner sticks up above the rim but the fry pan lid goes on fine. (My after-market Four Dog Stove lid does not)
I don't own a 1400.
----------------------------------------- In both images, the 700 is on the left, the 900 on the right. (The 700 has a 110g MSR canister, the 900 has a 227g MSR canister)


I have the 700. Great pot, handle seems actually heavier than the pot itself, could remove for weight savings.