Sony 7.1.2ch Dolby Atmos DTSX TM Soundbar HT-ST5000search

Sony 7.1.2ch Dolby Atmos DTSX TM Soundbar HT-ST5000

Sony 7.1.2ch Dolby Atmos DTSX TM Soundbar HT-ST5000

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900$ for a bar speaker and a woofer? XD
I think you can get $300 off when you check out, at least that's what the description said couple days back. Didn't try that part though, so not so sure.
I have an LG E7 55". I also have a Samsung sound bar, but it's just a basic one, 2.1 worth $150, bought from Best buy. I'd like to get a 7.1. the other day I was checking all these Dolby videos that comes with the TV, and with the 2.1 I have it sounded amazing. Wondering how 7.1 will be like...
Is this sound bar worth buying? Any suggestions?
What is the ac input voltage? 110v or 110-220v?keithwongmk
When is the next drop?
Will tjis work w LG OLED65E7P?

Ive see many commenmts on compatanility issues between brands.
Yes. Using it now.
Will it work with 220 volt outlet?
No. 120V only. Sorry.
I'm grateful to have the knowledge of my fellow MDroppers....

what similar-quality soundbar would you recommend if I wanted wireless rear speakers plus mid Atmos up speakers?
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I don't trust anything from Samsung and certainly not anything they say.
You shouldve checked out the Lg Sk10y soundbar they had kn massdrop last week. You can buy wireless rear speakers it. Fyi i would recommend the soundbar if you have a tv under 65 inches cuz this soundbar is massive.
Is there international shipping available ?
I'm guessing satellite rear speakers and / or appropriate placed atmos up speakers aren't an add option?
Not at this time, it is not able to sync with external surround speakers (other than its wireless subwoofer). It's the biggest complaint about it on the Sony site -- especially because they make other cheaper soundbars with this capability. Maybe it will get added in a future firmware update?

I own this soundbar and it is PHENOMENAL for what it is. You won't have audio coming from behind you, but it sounds outstanding for being a front-facing speaker. I'm continually amazed at the sound quality. The ceiling-facing speakers help add a bit of dimension, too, if you use those. And it passes 4K HDR video, plays hi-res audio, chromecast, bluetooth, streaming services, etc.
Woot! Thanks for doing it again!!!!
Dang missed it... do it again please!
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No point buying right now, I will have to wait till I get lg tv without broken screen.