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Sony MDR-1A

Sony MDR-1A

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The A Team

Sony's MDR line of headphones boasts an impressive line of headphones that offer a variety of features, including Bluetooth and noise canceling. The newest addition to the lineup is a purely audio headphone that lives up to its lineage - build quality, comfort, sleek looks and a much-improved bass response are all strong points of the MDR-1A.

Sony MDR-1A

Musical Substance...

The Sony MDR-1A is engineered to deliver a no-nonsense high resolution experience. The aluminum-coated 40mm driver units are designed to give you balanced and natural sound reproduction - tight and authoritative bass coupled with crisp mids and highs that span a vast soundstage complement all genres, giving you a headphone that can do it all.  

Sony MDR-1A

And Style

One of the most comfortable headphones on the market, the MDR-1A has incredibly plush urethane earpads that feel weightless on the head. This coupled with the lightweight design and a dual pair of 4' (1.2m) cables including a mic'ed up version make this Sony headphone the ideal travel companion for those out-and-about.  

Sony MDR-1A

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  • Sony
  • Impedance: 24 Ohm at 1 kHz
  • Diaphragm: 40 mm, dome type, Aluminum-coated Liquid Crystal Polymer Diaphragm
  • Plug: gold-plated plugs: stereo mini and L-shaped four-conductor mini
  • Frequency response: 3 - 100,000 Hz
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW
  • Microphone: In-line elecret condenser (with supplied Smartphone Control Cable)
  • Cord: Single-sided; detachable 47 in (1.2 m)
  • Remote Control: Multi-function button / SmartKeyTM app (with supplied Smartphone Control Cable)


  • 2 detachable 4' (1.2m) cables
  • Carrying pouch


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