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Sony mdr z7
since the MDR-1A doesn't specifically offer bluetooth and noise cancelling ( bluetooth model is MDR-1ABT and i'm not sure if there is a bluetooth and noise cancelling model) it should be removed from the drop description, it's quite misleading.
I don't recommend these cans for the price. MDR Z7 on the other hand is fine, although it does cost roughly 80% more
So the general consensus here is that there are some price adjustment issues with Sony. Also, can anyone explain to me the value of a 20 dollar drop here plus 9 dollar shipping and possibly long shipping time, when I can also get it on Amazon US for 298 with free and possibly faster shipping straight from the vendor. I am failing to comprehend the logic behind this drop.
The lowest drop point is $239 my friend. That's not too bad $50 lower than 299. Still not as good as the other non-US deals but hey.
Oh my bad... the giant font fooled me.
Yes not really a bargain as even Aussies can get it cheaper:

$279 AUD (as opposed to USD) plus shipping. Plus that site often has sitewide discounts making it cheaper.

Having said that, great pair of headphones. I'm enjoying mine, but they have mediocre isolation. Useless on airplanes.
These go for 199 Euro (216 USD) at the local Athens (Greece, not Georgia) Sony Center. That's full retail price.

Amazon Germany has them for 176 Euro (191 USD).


These headphones are good enough to be a steal at those prices, and yet still worth the higher pricing reported around the globe.
In the US these are $300 new for some reason. That's really weird. It's usually always cheaper here.
Yes, indeed. But also keep in mind that prices in EU always have tax inclusive, meaning the price you see includes tax. But where I live the MDR-1A are sold for $326 in the official Sony store. (Dubai, UAE) - so naturally I order a lot in the US and elsewhere. I gave up understanding the pricing decisions of the companies. LOL - No I paid exactly HALF including shipping on compared to the shops here. Crazy.
These are currently available from Amazon UK for £145 (probably about $220 or so), so the value of this drop is questionable, at least for me. I think some readers also have pointed out that they are available on Amazon ES for quite cheap as well. For anyone living in any of the EU countries this might make a lot more sense
Just saying, I am pretty sure that that was some serious bs on sony's side. These are comparable in sound quality to the Sennheiser Hd 598 or the Ath-m70
That frequency response cannot be true..
I'm assuming these are a newer version, and the ones posted on the Swiss site are the old ones.
These ones from Massdrop have Bluetooth and Noise Cancelling, while the others do not.

Edit: I think I am mistaken. I don't think these have Bluetooth or Noise Cancelling. The introduction is a bit misleading.
The Massdrop ones are the same ones mentioned and no they do not have bluetooth or noise cancelling. The description just indicates that the some of the MDR 'line' of headphones have these features while this model does not.
Well I just ordered them for 134 euro on Amazon Spain. They do send them to the U.S. The price on the website is 163 euro but since the delivery address is outside Europe the included VAT is deducted and the price is 134 plus around 30 euro for international shipping - so you end up roughly with $165 shipped. This is for the silver ones by the way.

Someone show me how to get them from Sweden for <$150 and I'll buy you a cookie
I got these headphones in sweden on sale for 117 dollars :D
This drop must be a joke. This headphone is available at retail here for CHF 163 (USD 157).
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Sure. Here you go:
This store is in Switzerland.