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SouthOrd Pocket Pen Pick Set

SouthOrd Pocket Pen Pick Set

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Why some people buy it for 15 - 17 $, and then 40$ and now this....?!
wax suuperrrr
Way too expensive or I totally would
Use Massdrops awesome group buying power to get one for the price of three! Somewhat cynical inflation, given that they started off at $15. The more people complain, the more they put the price up.
except that on south ords own web site this model is 61.95 and cheapest shipping was 4.60 so its at 66.50ish
if they raise their prices im guessing mass drop would to. so there's that....ebay was 53.00 and cheapest i found online was 49.00 but that's not including shipping and they were sold out.
What you are paying for is convenience and this set of picks is very easy to carry.
Whether you are a beginner or been in the business for 25 (or more) years, this is a NICE set of picks..!!
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hes complaining about the price without really blaming massdrop
then i would think that complaint should be directed at south ord...JS.
what lvl lockpicking do I need to use this? I'm currently at lvl 3.
is that with the bonuses for your dexterity and wisdom?
Yes, unfortunately =(....Lol
How does the tension tools fit into the pen? I dont think here's a picture of that
It acts like a pen clip. The top where the picks go has a slot to carry one tension tool
only ONE fits and acts as the pocket have to decide which tension bar you want to carry.
I am a Retired Locksmith,
this is expensive...
It may convenient but it’s totally unnecessary.
I carry a pair of paper clips large and small and a pair of bobby pins large and small
in my wallet And I have for 25 years.
I use them often then throw them away .
that way you can fit the tension wrench to most any lock face.
plus the tips don’t look like spring steel.

i was tempted but the price is very high.

Southern Ord makes good products usually,
i am not saying this is a terrible tool set,
i am saying I wouldn’t buy it.

Opinions on this set? I have the jackknife and I love it. Contemplating this set.
Why is this drop so much more expensive than before?
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Ah! You've met Lord Bradford (of Chins)! Unfortunately there is no cure for him, but you're getting close.
south ords prices for this model are 66.00+ with shipping i would assume thats why mass drops have gone up.
Anyone recieve theirs yet?