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Specter Ops Board Game

Specter Ops Board Game

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Shadow Warfare

Stealth, subterfuge, and secrecy are all at the heart of the Spectre Ops board game from Plaid Hat Games. Join in a war for society and take on the role of an A.R.K agent, or a wide variety of unique characters to take down an infiltrator and claim victory.

Specter Ops Board Game


A stealth game based around secret movements, Specter Ops revolves around an infiltrator trying to complete missions on the board secretly. Other characters attempt to hunt down this infiltrator and use advanced technology to stop them in their tracks.

Specter Ops Official Rules (PDF)

Specter Ops Board Game
Specter Ops Board Game
Specter Ops Board Game

Covert Operations

The secret agent in the game gets a paper sheet to keep track of his movements as he infiltrates the Raxxon facility. His movement is hidden from the hunter unless the agent is in his line of sight. In this case, the agent must place his miniature on his board and reveal his/her identity. This is a game of bluffing, tactics, and wits where the victor will be the one who manages to read the opposition's moves correctly. 

Specter Ops Board Game
Specter Ops Board Game
Specter Ops Board Game

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  • Players: 2 - 5
  • Playing time: 60 - 120 minutes
  • Recommended for ages 9 and up


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