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Spyderco C194CFTIP Myrtle Frame Lock Knife

Spyderco C194CFTIP Myrtle Frame Lock Knife

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So, is the carbon fiber fully carbon fiber or is it a thin laminate of carbon fiber glued to g10? I ask because Spyderco does this frequently even on fairly expensive knives.
it is a solid piece of carbon fiber. it is not a veneer. That being said, it's also a pretty small amount of carbon fiber--half a handle on only one side. the carbon fiber and titanium bolster on the presentation side of the knife are attached to a thin titanium liner. The other side is just a flat piece of titanium with chamfered edges and the lock bar cut out. Since the presentation side is 3D machined while the lock side is flat, the presentation side is a little bit thicker than the lock side. I have this knife in hand at this moment. It's weirdly shaped, asymmetrical in appearance and construction and there are more hot spots on the handle compared to paramilitary or military, but while this may seem negative, I do like this odd knife.
Usually retails from just over $150 to $180. Massdrop actually got an okay deal on a Spyderco this time around.
Lovely folder, but it can be had roughly for the same price at many retailers. Only worth it as a drop at $115-ish
I had one a while back, but ended up selling it ... very unique look, and I really wanted to like it, but (on mine anyhow) the detent had to be kept ridiculously tight to center the blade. Loosening the pivot even a fraction would cause the blade to rub due to direct pressure on the lockbar from the pocket clip, which I assume was also acting as an overtravel stop. It had terrible lock-stick as well. Not sure why mfgs can't either carbidize the lockbar face, or put a steel insert, when there is steel-on-Ti contact . Seems to be common sense, especially given the MSRP of this particular knife.
looks like it would cut better if you sharpen the spine.
Cool design but ergos made me send it back. I think if it came in at a lower price it be back in my collection.
I'd be in at $139. I know it sounds trivial, but $149 for a discontinued model is still too much for this guy .
I've had a Myrtle for a while now, and I absolutely love it. It's one of the most unique pieces in my collection for sure, and I thoroughly enjoy it. The knife is a solid Ti frame lock, with a gorgeous marbled carbon fiber scale, which is a really nice look. Of course, the main draw is the blade, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. It's easier to sharpen than you would think, especially since it's only S30V, not K390 or some other super hard steel. My only gripe is that the pocket clip doesn't let it sit low at all, but I'll be getting a PM2 deep carry clip soon, which should fit the Myrtle.
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Ah, unfortunately it did not. It needs the clip that fits the FRN Native, NOT THE G10. I got one for that, and it worked great. Good luck man!
Oh, thanks for the tip =)
It’s an odd knife, but in a very attractive way. I like knives that are different without being overly extreme, and this fits the bill.
The recurve doesn't look THAT terrible too manage to me......but man, that single row of screws down the "middle" of the handle is ugly as sin.
I say "middle" in quotes because all I can see when I look at it is that the path of the screws doesn't even follow the centerline of the handle shape.
If it at least did that it might look okay, but as is, looking like the hole pattern was meant for a different handle, it would drive me nuts every time I looked at it. I may be a little OCD lol
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Lol sorry to ruin it for you too
Same. I would have had one a long time ago if it wasn’t for those ugly screws.
Cheaper elsewhere and no wait! Pass.
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Another eloquent and poignant response. Kudos to you, sir,on another fine contribution to the community.

Lol I'm done here, you've made my point better then I could.
Gotta love people like this. Flag and move on, I say.
I dunno. Aesthetically, I usually recoil from recurve blades, but I like the look of this. I think it'd be easy enough to sharpen on my Work Sharp. And the price isn't bad. My problem is that the Spydey hole is obstructed by the lock bar, so no finger flick to open--same as my SLYSZ Bowie. How you gonna look cool if you can't finger flick? Problem. I put up with that insult on the SLYSZ because that knife is one of the most comfortable titanium slab knives you'll ever handle. (The slabs are contoured so sweetly. Oy!) And now that Spyderco has stopped producing the SLYSZ, it'll become a little more collectable, but I really do enjoy carrying it.

This guy. Gal? Myrtle? I dunno. I kinda like the looks of it, and the price is ten bucks less than you can get on Amazon right now (sorry to be that guy). Hmm ... pondering. Lemme get back to you.
maintaining the edge is going to be a real pain...
i’ll pass...
Yeah, my thoughts exactly - any marginal benefits in function or performance would be way offset by the difficulty in maintaining a decent edge through those reverse curves. I'll stick with my Native 5 with G10 scales - cheaper, neater in the pocket, and better steel too...
Sharpens fine on my fixed angle sharpener, actually. It's not nearly as bad as you would expect, although it does take a little more time and attention.
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