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Spyderco Para 3 Compression Lock Knife

Spyderco Para 3 Compression Lock Knife

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Spyderco's CPM S110V blade steel is awesome. I have a Native 5 with the steel and after polishing the edge it is insanely sharp. It also holds an edge very well.
It looks like the price increased on this drop. Im getting a different total price now when adding an order.
Not partisan to fanboys or trolls, dont have a para3 myself, from anywhere, still undecided on adding to the fam. Just an observation, but for people for whom this is not a good deal, I appreciate that for your purposes the economics simply do not justify pulling the trigger, even w/o case. It def does make sense for some people. The financial aspect is only one variable in a persons decisions.

However, being mad (& expressing those feelings here in no uncertain terms) about it accomplishes literally nothing, to effect change whatsoever. Only voting with your dollar does. On the flip side, people sometimes being frustrated at or dissatisfied with a situation that seems avoidable doesn't make them automatically whiners or trolls, just human.

That said, given the MAP thing is a fixed point here at MD, perhaps one way around would be custom combinations & packages not avail at BladeHQ or Zon, etc. For me, if there was a dlc blade in either s35vn or s110, I would be down, even if I had to wait or it wasn't the absolutely best deal I could find anywhere or it wasn't my favorite grip color.

I wouldn't wait for dlc in s30v, altho I don't mind the combination, bc in my mind the MAP sitch spoils the value proposition for that quality of blade steel (which is good to very good, even in Spyderco's ht), whatever your feelings on s30v in general or Spyderco's s30v in particular. sorry for the ramble
The base model knife is available for $112 on Amazon with Prime shipping. How is it that a mass buy by Massdrop has a WORSE deal than normal Amazon?
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And without the case, price reduced to $127. Not bad!
No, $142 is already without the case for S110V. With case, it's $157.
Had a chance to handle one (live and in person) at a knife store (the way people used to buy knives) and I can tell you I was not particularly impressed (felt the same way about the other Paras too). Definitely not a fan of the Compression Lock mechanism on the 3--works fine, just awkward to use. Getting a little bored with G10 too (works okay too, just have too many dressed that way). Still, if this is your kinda knife, MD's price is pretty good.

Frankly, I don't really give a rats-ass what the steel is either (if it was good enough for Spyderco, I can deal with it). Don't go out of my way to keep the knives I have especially sharp (don't shave my arms much, don't slice a lot of paper). I do use a Spyderco Sharp Maker when I need too, just not in an OCD sort of way. Don't care how many positions the clip can be moved to (don't have a big preference for carrying tip up or down).

Over all I just don't think paying a lot more gets you a lot more--and I'm speaking here about Spyderco for the most part, but I'm not enamored of "car-payment" priced knives from any manufacturer. Truth is, I have more knives than I actually need, and regardless of what they're made of, or how much I paid for them, they'll all be around long after I'm gone.

Getting back to the knife store, after handling all of the Paras, I eventually settled on much less expensive Spyderco "Resilience"--part of Spyderco's Chinese-made line. The Resilience is a longer version of the Tenacious--a knife I carry regularly (I have the plain-edge and half serrated versions). At just under 9 3/4" over all, the Resilience is a bit too large for my EDC needs, but it's comparable to the larger Military's, when a larger/longer size is needed--and, as I said, it's much less expensive.

I won't use it to cut down trees and build a cabin in the woods, and I doubt I'll ever have to kill and skin a bunch of damn Grizzly bears with it either. May have to open a box or two from Amazon, or a bag of Doritos from time to time, but I'm pretty sure any of my cheap Chinese steel knives won't fail me even when the going gets really tough--like opening multiple Christmas cards-- in rapid succession. The chances of the blade overheating and melting before I get to the last ribbon on the last xmas present are pretty remote too.

That's the Resilience, by the way--at the bottom...

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I agree with RayF. These knives are just ridiculously priced. Why should the para 3 cost the same as the paramilitary 2? It's smaller, uses less materials = it should be priced accordingly, at 80 or 90 dollars.
Even then, markup is insane. s30v, s35v, s110v knives don't justify spending 100+ dollars on compared to steels like 440c, sandvik, etc. The steel doesn't cost them what they justify charging, and let's be honest, it's all automated machining, 99 percent of the way.
I really did love my paramilitary 2, but sold it years ago for a cheaper kershaw that I abuse just as hard, and does just as well, and it keeps sharp longer than needed, because I constantly am touching up my knives sharpness on the whetstone.
And I agree with Uzuzu agreeing with me!
This is a good way to get the hard-to-get blue G-10 scales and the S110V blade steel -- my favorite Para 3 combination.
A variant in M4 and natural g-10 gets released on Tuesday for not much more than this. I think I'll wait.
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My EDC knife is a Delica that a friend gave me in VG-10. I am not familiar with the advantages of the various common blade materials. How does this compare to the other popular or high-end metals that Spyderco uses in their knives?
I joined this for the s110v but s30v is a bit of an upgrade to vg10. Both will be harder to sharpen but hold an edge better than your delica, especially the s110. I suspect you would be more than happy with the s30 though
VG-10 is a good stainless steel. thats why it’s used in so many kitchen knives. It isn’t the greatest at holding an edge but it sharpens easily. I like it, have no complaints at all with it.
Sooo funny watching you Spyderco fanatics overpay for an inferior product. This is a crappy knife with a big price tag...

Until you idiots wake up to the Chinese connection (Kizer, WE, Reate) I'll laugh 'till I die!

Keep buying these crappy knives because Nick Shabaz tell's you to... you're cheating yourselves!
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I agree with you on the 'big price tag' part ... 130 dollars is ridiculous for this particular knife. Pricing it in the 89-dollar range would be more realistic for such a tiny knife, IMO anyhow. Not sure about comparing it to We, Reate, etc. when it comes to pricing though . Even Kizer, who started off as a lower-priced alternative to knives made with the same hi-end materials. I don't care where the product is made (US, China, Japan, etc), all of those mfgs are charging ridiculously high prices now. Most new Ti framelock offerings from We and Reate are in the 300-400-dollar mark. That's crazy. Most of the reason low-price, low-quality Chinese clones continue to flood the market is due to mfgs grossly overpricing their products, making them unattainable to a lot of people. Again, IMO :-)
Hahahahaha! Wow! No one could ever say that the para 3 is a “crappy knife”. That’s just stupid. I agree that fan boys need to back off and that the Chinese make wonderful things nowadays but come on! The compression lock is wonderful.
Does this come in a left hand version?
No, but the Compression lock almost works better for left handed folks than for a righty.