Spyderco Tenacious Carbon Fiber G-10 Folding Knifesearch

Spyderco Tenacious Carbon Fiber G-10 Folding Knife

Spyderco Tenacious Carbon Fiber G-10 Folding Knife

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There are a myriad of issues with this drop...
🔪 It’s the same price online w/ fast, free shipping.
🔪It’s not real CF. It’s a thin layer of CF over a G10 scale.
🔪 8Cr13MoV - enough Said.

The point of MD is to get great deals via large purchase orders. This isn’t even an average deal.
Tighten up. Semper Fi.
Carbon Fiber on a 8Cr13MoV steel Tenacious?
Isn't that rather like putting Brembo brakes on a Toyota Echo?

Come on Massdrop, jeez. Please upgrade the steel, before the scales. Anything but 8Cr13MoV steel.
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Seriously. I would have purchased this in a second. But not with this steel.
Heh, right?
hell, just S30V/S35VN would have been a sufficient steel upgrade to push me toward buying it.
but I say nay on the plain ole 8Cr. ...
Why wait until next month if you can have it next week for the same price?
I was thinking the same thing. I don't know why Massdrop bothers with Spyderco since Spydie's MAP pricing means you can always find the same knife for the same price elsewhere.
I don't mind it. It lets me know whats out there. Even if I don't buy it from massdrop they provide a service by letting me know that it exists.
I had the fully-serrated version in G10 a while ago. It was a decent cutter for rope and zip-ties. The serrations were not as "well defined" (for lack of a better description) as other Spyderco knives though. They just never seemed sharp enough, compared to the serrated Endura, for example. Over $50 seems a bit high for what you are getting here though ... you are simply paying a premium for the Spyderco name (IMO anyhow) when you can get similar 'import quality' from Ganzo, Kershaw, Eafengrow, or any of the plethora of newer overseas players .
Thank you for summarizing my thoughts, I agree.
I have never been a Spyderco fan but after losing two Zero Tolerance knives amounting to $440 I decided maybe I should carry a cheaper EDC, also I like serrations on my EDC. I love Carbon Fiber and when I saw this Tenacious in CF I decided this would be my new knife to carry. Very reasonably priced I didn't expect much. However, upon receiving the knife I was astonished at the blades sharpness. It opened smoothly and to be honest I was quite happy. The one Spyderco I own that I really love is the Rubicon but it is wide to carry in pocket and I'd be back to carrying a higher price knife as my EDC. Bottom line as of today, I am impressed with my Spyderco Tenacious CF and just may by a non Carbon Fiber version to use as EDC and save the Carbon Fiber version for my collection.

8Cr... and carbon fiber inlays... I know I'd pay $54 for this design in VG10 with proper PB washers and regular ol' G-10.
Spyderco's Chinese made line is overpriced for what it is. No one wants to pay over $50 for 8cr13mov. The fit and finish isn't as good as their seki, golden or Taichung made knives to make up for it either.
Absolutely. Seki has some quality issues at times, but nothing quite like their Chinese facilities.
Can't speak for the G-10 grips but I own two of these and like 'em both (one plain, one serrated). Good weight and feel with the stock grips. Pretty sure I paid lots less than this price for mine, but they were just the standard models.
Man I'd really like to get a spyderco knife...but 8cr13mov and carbon fiber overlay? Just looking at the specs I would guess it was a $15 ganzo knife :/
I always liked the Persistence ergonomics, but found the Tenacious to be a bit bigger than I prefer. Not a fan of the blade steel either. Make a CF Persistence with D2 steel and I'm in.
I am the opposite. I have large hands and prefer the Resilience. I prefer the g10 to the carbon fiber too, so no reason to pick this up. I would love the bigger knife with upgraded steel though. Or a titanium Military with option for tip up carry.
Blade HQ has these for $0.05 cheaper as their regular going price. Doesn't seem like this is that good of a deal, especially when its Chinese steal (not that 8cr13mov is terrible), and is a g10 carbon fiber combo not full carbon handles.
'Steel'? or 'steal'? 😉
so whats on the side of the blade they don't show in pictures? something starting in Chin...