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Sturmanskie Gagarin Commemorative Mechanical Watch

Sturmanskie Gagarin Commemorative Mechanical Watch

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Thought I bought the brown version but then realised it's not part of the deal... I find the black not very appealing.
$269 on right now.
Guys...the mineral crystal is a perfect choice here cause this is a commemorative watch, the same model that Yuri Gagarin worn, and that watch as well as most watches at the time used a mineral crystal...

Look at the Omega Moonwatch, $3k+ and still uses a hesalite crystal instead of sapphire....and people (including me) would be very upset if they change that.
Interesting watch design, I like the history and Russian heritage behind it, as I collect watches (versus just buying some for the nice looks and style). However, as others have mentioned, I believe the requested price doesn't offer good vfm, particularly considering the existing offer at competition for similar prices (Seiko and their whole SARB line, Archimede, some Laco models, etc...). Even though it's titanium, 350 for mineral glass and a Poljot movement seems about 100 USD too much to me!
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You do realize this isn't a "vfm" watch? =
There isn't such a thing as a "not vfm" watch :) They all are vfm, like they all are also about style and potential history, what changes is the importance each potential buyer gives to that dimension.
Um nice and all but is this really 7x the quality of a vostok? I have questioned the price/value on a poljot before but at least they have a long heritage and higher level of QC than most Russian watch brands
I don't know...I've had several "Russian" and Soviet watches over the years, and they were all flaky, but nevertheless somehow appealing. I wouldn't spend this much on another least not one with these specifications.
Thats a dank watch
300 bucks for a mineral crystal? No ty.
Agreed...what a shame
Omega speedmasters are well over 3000, and have a mineral Crystal.
Picked my watch up today. Second hand ticks a few seconds then stops.

Anyone else having issues with defective movement?
You might need more winding. Sometimes when I don't wind it well enough after changing time it does that.
You guys are lucky. I ordered the white one but the order was cancelled because they have no idea when the backorder from the vendor be available.
It looks like the have the beige this time, which is very similar to the white. Maybe you can pick that one up this time.
Yeah I was thinking of buying the white faced dial version. Only two out of four or five dial face versions available this time around. I really enjoy my black and green version of this watch.
Mine came in last week. I wore it for 2 days, and then it stopped. Anybody else have this issue? (Yes, I know its a user-winded watch). He's dead, Jim.
Did you let Massdrop know? Would think this can be addressed by manufacturer or distributor.
Received mine yesterday. Aside from the absurdly short strap I am very impressed.

Now to find a strap I like for it...