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Sturmanskie Gagarin Commemorative Mechanical Watch

Sturmanskie Gagarin Commemorative Mechanical Watch

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What was massdrop's price on these?
Quick question:
I’m noticing that on the display caseback, there appears to be a serial number No. 677/999. The description says that quantities are limited, but nothing about them being numbered.

Any insight here?
I have raised my concern to massdrop on the “mismatched“ model codes but the reply is to order base on site display. Hope everyone will receive their respective watches in good order.
Can anyone confirm these model numbers/prices/images are correct?

For example 2609/3714130 & 2609/3714129 images are switched based on the Sturmanskie site (but i see other sites with them reversed as well). In the options section I see 2609/3717129 as +$30 but when you go to join its not +30 but 2609/3714129 is instead.
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Hi this is Abe, I work for the US distributor of Sturmanskie, Massdrop has it right, the 4130 has the green indicators while the 4129 is more like a copper color
I'm looking at the 2609/3725125 which is different in the catalog.
The photos show both exhibition and "engraved" casebacks. Which models have which?
It's listed in the specs.
Whoops, so it is. Cheers.
3ATM, mineral crystal😩
This watch is regularly $329 at Long Island Watch:
are these watches made in russia ?
Thought I bought the brown version but then realised it's not part of the deal... I find the black not very appealing.
$269 on right now.
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Sorry, if you look at my post that sale was during the last drop about 27 weeks ago. Try doing a search on and see if it’s still available.
Try this. looks like it may still be availablebut the price went up. still cheaper than here and free shipping I believe.
Guys...the mineral crystal is a perfect choice here cause this is a commemorative watch, the same model that Yuri Gagarin worn, and that watch as well as most watches at the time used a mineral crystal...

Look at the Omega Moonwatch, $3k+ and still uses a hesalite crystal instead of sapphire....and people (including me) would be very upset if they change that.
The originals actually had domed acylic crystals. Only around 35-36mm also. The high-domed mineral crystal is an upgrade. Having one since last year, I can add that the crystal has anti-glare coatings.
Interesting watch design, I like the history and Russian heritage behind it, as I collect watches (versus just buying some for the nice looks and style). However, as others have mentioned, I believe the requested price doesn't offer good vfm, particularly considering the existing offer at competition for similar prices (Seiko and their whole SARB line, Archimede, some Laco models, etc...). Even though it's titanium, 350 for mineral glass and a Poljot movement seems about 100 USD too much to me!
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There isn't such a thing as a "not vfm" watch :) They all are vfm, like they all are also about style and potential history, what changes is the importance each potential buyer gives to that dimension.
I hear your point. But to do this watch with sapphire at this price range might require a redesign of the case and bezel to use a flat or low-dome crystal. May not get the anti-glare either.

I personally don't recall any watch under $1000 with a high-domed sapphire crystal out there.