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Hivi Swan M200 MKIII Speaker System

Hivi Swan M200 MKIII Speaker System

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Any chance we could get a drop on the MKIII+ version of these? remote control, revised tweeter design and optical in make these ideal sound bar killers...
Just missed out? What was the price.
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Unfortunately i live overseas. I doubt they would ship to aus. Thanks for the heads up though.
Chane music and Cinema is a direct order speaker company selling their own speakers and home theater speakers, as well as a Swan dealer. If you are interested if ask them about shipping, they might offer it. Though over seas shipping can be expensive and may not be work it.

It never hurts to ask.
I purchased these speakers seven years ago (not through Massdrop) and they have been awesome. I still use them every day and they compare favorably (in mids and treble at least... obviously there are limitations with how much bass you can get from a 5.25" woofer) with my much more expensive living room sound system. Highly recommended.
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They are most certainly the MKIII, purchased in September 2010 from The Audio Insider.
I stand corrected. I see now they have been around a good while.

On Swans web site they list the M200MKIII+ with bluetooth. So far I've only found them for sale on Swn's web site. I wonder if we'll get a drop on those?
These seem to have a lot of fans, I'm hoping that a couple more of you will jump in with me so I can find out for myself what the fuss is all about! I really dig the solid-wood side panels, and the heavy weight doesn't bother me as long as it reflects build-quality, which seems to be the consensus.

Zeos, any quick thoughts you can throw out to help folks pull the trigger?
I don't take Zeos to seriously personally, but here ya go. Unfortunately he sat on them for months. So a little late:
Interesting, thanks!
Has anyone had an opportunity to compare these to a pair of Edifier S1000DBs?

I purchased the last HiVi swan 2.1 system drop and had hum/hiss/interference issues and I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on another Swan product, even though I would really like to upgrade my HP computer speakers at work.
For those of you following me here on Massdrop. Do it. Don't even think about it. Just grab a set. These on a desk or in a small room. VERY hard to beat.
Kef Q100 + amp would be in the same price range as this depending on the amp. Your review says the smsl ad18 is solid and is on mass drop for about $100 frequently. Just throwing it out there - comes with a remote.
If you need a remote that is an option. The other option is the Edifier S2000Pro's Which I plan on reviewing along side these Swans.
How do you even request a replacement? I think the capacitors blew in my right speaker and I can't for the life of me find a way to contact any form of support.
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< 2 years and it fails? This is the bane of our insane addiction to buying junk made in China. When will we free ourselves of the Chinese curse?
Pretty much everything is made in China. Deal with it.
MIC does not automatically equal garbage either.
I really hope this drop comes back soon.
Great news group! We placed the order for the Swan M200 MKIII Speaker System shortly after the drop ended.

Our vendor will be preparing it for shipment.

The moment we receive confirmation regarding the shipping schedule from the vendor, we will provide you all with updated information.

Expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 10/28 or sooner if something comes up.
I'm not sure if anyone can answer my question, but figure I'll try since I'm not hearing back from Swan themselves. Do the Swan M200 MKIII speakers have a noticeable hiss when they are on?

I had an old pair of M200's, the original, that I don't remember this hiss with, but I recently got a pair of Swan T200c's and try as I want, I just can't overlook the hiss it produces sometimes. I was told from who I purchased it from that it's normal, but I just don't remember noticing a hiss with the M200's. I'd plug them back in if I had the time and energy, but I'd still want to know if these would produce the same problem I'm having with the T200c's.

Thanks all!
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Interesting reply. In my experience, hum can be very system- and component-dependent. For example, some all-tube preamps/amps are well known for humming (see fix below).

Whenever I've encountered hum in the audio chain, my goal becomes to exclude my own chain of components & power devices as culprits. There are mulitiple ways to do it:

1 - First & most obvious is to "float" the ground to the power cord of the device that hums. In other words, if the cord you're using to power the Swans has a ground plug, put on an ungrounded extender (w/3 female slots on one side & 2 prongs--no ground--on the other).

2 - If this has no effect, or if the Swans have an ungrounded power cord (honestly can't remember), then do the same thing to the next device upstream in your system (DAC?).

3 - If none of that works, this sometimes works: plug the Swans + the device that feeds them signal into a switchable power strip (grounded), and see if proximity plugging in that manner will help. If not, use the ungrounded extender between the power-strip's power cord & the wall plug.

This is not exactly a defined science. It's just hierchical troubleshooting & attempts to vary the grounding scheme for the Swans &/or associated devices.

PS: When I had the Swans, they were plugged into a power-strip w/3-4 other devices (per item #3 above)...not because of hum, but for convenience: I used the power-strip's on-off button as a master on-off. I also made sure to turn off the preamp that directly fed signal to the Swans at night after switching off the power-strip; then in the AM when I switched on the power strip, I turned on the preamp afterward using its own on/off switch (prevents a transient/"thump" heard through the monitors).
Thank you for that info! I'll use it when I'm feeling up to tinkering around with it. Right now I feel like I'm in hibernation for the most part with cold weather coming on.