Tai-Hao 3-Tone ABS Doubleshot Backlit Keycap Setsearch

Tai-Hao 3-Tone ABS Doubleshot Backlit Keycap Set

Tai-Hao 3-Tone ABS Doubleshot Backlit Keycap Set

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Would these work on a Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S RGB? I would think they do but I just want to be sure.
I got my keys yesterday. I'm sorry others have not--but I want to show how they look on black.
Massdrop is working very hard to lose my business. Was interested in the Arctic version of this set when I saw it, but wanted the lower price. So I set up a reminder; I got an email that the drop was ending, so I came over, and of course not only is Arctic, but the red set is also sold out. Beyond that, they're sold out with only 31 sales. 31! Really lame Massdrop.

Massdrop, in the future, please don't send me emails asking me to join drops that no longer have products to sell.

Combined with the ridiculousness of the recent Sony WH1000XM2 issues, all I can do is forewarn potential buyers - find another site to buy stuff!
honestly, unlike you really, really like the colorway or is a fan of Tai-Hao products in general... i would skip this and not worry about it. i received mine and the keys felt super cheap, thin, and hollow.

i know this was only $35 but damn... i'd much rather save my $35 had i know this before hand
Dang. Love the set but why is Arctic already sold out? That's a bummer. I didn't realize they'd be so limited. Have been watching the drop for days and not jumping in... anyone know if there's a chance the numbers will increase?
Anyone know what case is used in the picture?
Why no iso ?
Anyone know if these caps will fit a k70?
No because corsair uses a nonstandard bottom row
No 108 keys?
No ISO? ūüėĘ
This was my first drop - I got my Asendia tracking number back on Jan 6, and a small update on the 7th, and then nothing since then. Is this normal behavior? Will it just abruptly show up at my Canadian doorstep some day? Fingers crossed?
yeah, it just showed up today. USPS didn't update with the canada post tracking number.
Sorry im new to mechanical keyboards but will these keycaps fit on a ducky 1
what keyboard is on the product desciption page?
I know this is super late but here is my set on my Ducky One TKL.
Congrats on people who received them, Hope they re-drop these because I want these badly :)
This is my first Massdrop purchase. Now I just need to get a new cable and 10 key to match the setup. :)
Where did you get the side print version?
Those are stock, I just added the red, grey and red modifiers from the set. :)