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This was my first drop - I got my Asendia tracking number back on Jan 6, and a small update on the 7th, and then nothing since then. Is this normal behavior? Will it just abruptly show up at my Canadian doorstep some day? Fingers crossed?
yeah, it just showed up today. USPS didn't update with the canada post tracking number.
Sorry im new to mechanical keyboards but will these keycaps fit on a ducky 1
what keyboard is on the product desciption page?
I know this is super late but here is my set on my Ducky One TKL.
Congrats on people who received them, Hope they re-drop these because I want these badly :)
This is my first Massdrop purchase. Now I just need to get a new cable and 10 key to match the setup. :)
Where did you get the side print version?
Those are stock, I just added the red, grey and red modifiers from the set. :)
How about fitting on Ducky One ? Should be ok right.
my keyboard has kailh switches (MX Cherry clone), so would it be compatible?
They have Cherry stems, so yes.
Hi Team,

I am using the Varmilo VB87M. These keycaps seem a bit taller than the ones on my keyboard. Is that the case?
Im just saying that if you were to go on amazon and type "shine through pbt keycaps"(made by NPKC), all of these color schemes would appear and those keycaps are pbt. I have the blue and white ones from amazon and i do prefer them a lot over normal abs.. they were also only 24$ when I got them.. don't know why people would join this drop, just trying to help:)
Thanks for the heads up, I did some searching and found the ones you mentioned. While this drop could hit $24.99, I can get the same set (blue and white) in PBT, doubleshot, shine-through for $28 on Amazon. I went ahead and cancelled my commitment on this drop.
I have those keycaps from amazon and some of the keys just look cheap. Like the printing is off on some of them.
People who ordered this keycap set last time: how are they holding up? Is there an ABS shine to them yet? Any issues with these and the WASD Code keyboard?
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They're good! No shine so far. Not using it anymore though, if anyone wants to buy it off me instead haha.
No shine yet on mine. I'm using them on the WASD Code keyboard with no really problematic issues. Check my post earlier in this thread.
The keyboard looks like an Apple keyboard from mid 00's. Anyone have an idea what it is?
The keyboard they use in the pictures is the magicforce 108 by Qisan if that’s what you’re asking.