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Tai-Hao Avatar ABS Keycap Set

Tai-Hao Avatar ABS Keycap Set

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The stepped capslock key has an off-center stem... the stepped portion covers up the space where the "a" key should be. Am I missing something, or has anyone else had this problem?
Are these really Avatar inspired?
To me they come off a recycled plastic from failed keycap sets. Which is still cool but I'm just not convinced they have anything to do with the Avatar movie.
Am i right in saying there is no ISO enter?
Wish these were blanks
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I like the wacky look.
I do too but I think it would just look as wacky I know people like blanks but I don't know if it could improve the looks
Is it just me, or do the thicknesses on these caps seem wildly different. Even different walls within the same cap seem off.
If only these were available blank / without-legends.
Just one key (1.5 backspace) away from being HHKB layout compatible.
Is it really a deal breaker if your backspace key is labeled "\|"?
Maybe, its hard to complain at this price.
It's a little odd though, they include two 1U "\|". I assume one is for the ISO compatibility and the other for the number row. They also have a 7U space. But then they threw in a 1U backspace.
just glanced over at my keyboard and i want to assure you, months later, the pink ones are still as startlingly ugly today as they were when i first saw them. 10/10 would purchase again
I was debating on buying... but this comment may have tipped me over the edge.
Got mine in yesterday, I got the Pink variant, and freaking love them! Put the set on my Filco Majestouch 2 TKL with Cherry Blues, feels great to type on and has that excellent clicky sound w/ the ABS plastic. Starting to think that some people's obsession with PBT is a bit silly after I've typed on some very good ABS sets now.
However, the only downside was I got two F5s and was missing an F8. Not that big of a deal, I just replaced the F8 with one of the blanks. Doesn't really bother me much at all. Very glad I bought this set.
I received a random grippy rubberized 8 key in my box ha.
These look great!
Does anyone want to SELL ME THEIR LEFT SHIFT?
(to be clear, i wasn't missing any keys. I just have a split spacebar and could use another 2.25U in the theme.
Are these shine through?
Nope. Doubleshot ABS though.
Cool keycaps, but orange and green don't mix well with me.
Hey Massdrop, something's wrong with your site. I'm getting pictures from the Tao Hao Albert Hoffman Signature Edition set.
M2 all the way. It's just begging to be mixed with cubic Jukebox, oh baby.
I cant decide between 1 and 2.my gut says 2 but im not certain. Anyone have some sort of input that could help me make this subjective decision?
How can I help you? :-)
Nice. Looks really good and has a 1.75 shift
This is ugly as fuck.
I love it.
"hey we have a bunch of extra leftover plastic laying around, want be to toss it?"
"dude just mix that shit together and name the ugly mess that comes out after a shitty movie or something."
I dunno how much real salt is in here but its funny
Has anybody else received notification of the drop shipping but only shipping information has been sent out? Mine has been sitting wherever it's sitting for 9 days now.
Got my set yesterday. Missing 3 keys. Contained about 12 extra/blank/random keys
got them in the mail today! they're really cool. you can see the swirls of different colors all through the plastic of the keycap, even the stem. i'll post photos when i have them on my board.
one thing, when i opened the box i blacked out for a moment, and my co-workers said that i started glowing, and shouted "And now at last they come. You will give me the keycaps freely! In place of Baby Miami you will set up Avatar. And they shall not be tasteful, but beautiful and terrible as the morning and the night! Bright as the sea and the sun and the snow upon the mountain! Garish as the storm and the lightning! Stronger than a mild psychedelic. All shall love them, and despair!" so that was weird
i like 'em, it's nice to see something new come out that's not some sort of mint green for once, lol. i tend to favor the more radical keycaps for the most part anyways, real attention grabbers for sure.
I'm actually confused by the hate for these keycaps. They're funky, fresh, and have a distinct flavour to them. Not just a solid colour.
Honestly I feel some nostalgia just at first glance. Like the younger me was melting crayons into candles again. Lovely feeling enjoy the inspiration on these. Wish it could have some blue and orange.
This is by far the ugliest keycap set that I've ever seen.
People either love it or hate it! Very polarizing. Think "finger painting".
Mad respect for anyone that's certain enough to like it and own it. Fuck what other people think, including me. If you really like it, then rock it proudly.
I don't really get it. Maybe for a single key as a kind of vanity/artisan cap but not as an entire keyset. But to each their own.
would you be able to see backlight through the letters on these?
When I first saw pictures, I thought it was just another wacky all over dye sub job, but I am pleasantly surprised at how they are made! Really hope they do other sets like this in more appealing colorways.
unicorn vomit -or- finger paint fun?
glad to see the addition of the extra caps for compatibility (Big thumbs up!)
A lot of people are not liking the color scheme, but I like your "finger paint fun" analogy. I think it's beautiful, and it is very finger-painty. It's a work of art!
Hi Guys, Will it fit a Vortex 75% race3? *Can you help me understand the sizes and profile for the Vortex?
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ok then... your bottom right cluster is different...so: - bottom row right of the spacebar - all 1U - next row up... 1.75 shift, 1U, 1U - the rest seems to follow the layout i re-posted
profiles are a whole different animal..... there are basically two different ways they are done. Either they are done that each row has their own profile (OEM, DCS, SA, etc...) or they are done in a uniform profile (all the same profile, DSA, "Chicklet" LP, etc...) uniform profiles are good for boards that are difficult to get the right key in the profile needed (like your esc & del) if you were using a keyset that was a uniform profile you could use TAB or \| keys to complete the layout.
also, if you are looking at a standard OEM keyboard, the F keys are usually the same profile as the top row (R4) ...but there are always exceptions...


some more info/pics: https://deskthority.net/wiki/Keyboard_profile https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=84612.msg2259322#msg2259322 https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=80352.msg2090400#msg2090400
To simplify, no. The Vortex Race 3 has two keys that almost no set includes: 1.5u Escape and Delete keys. Generally it's fine to use anything you want in a flat profile like DSA (as per your picture) but most aftermarket sets don't support those two keys in particular.