Tai-Hao Cubic ABS Doubleshot Keycap Setsearch

Tai-Hao Cubic ABS Doubleshot Keycap Set

Tai-Hao Cubic ABS Doubleshot Keycap Set

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Are we going to be expecting any new information about the last drop that was delayed?
I asked about it through support and have not recieved a reply.
Any status update on the delayed concrete caps?
Just got word that the drop has shipped. C'mon Flamingo, you garish looking bastard!
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Not to mention the 7u space bar. I wish there was an option for the same 17-key add-on set for keys available in this drop.
I already have Cubic Concrete and Midnight Dawn keysets and they're fantastic when used with tactile switches. Cubic profile is tall but not uncomfortable like SA profile. It's also not as thick as SA but thicker than OEM profile ABS Doubleshot from Tai-Hao and makes a very solid thock sound that is better than Cherry or OEM profiles. Finally Cubic legends are very crisp and well done. Only thing I'd change are 1) better colorways (give us BoW, WoB, and Dolch w/17 keys add-on kit), and 2) symbol modifiers like KBDfans EnjoyPBT BoW keyset.

I ordered two sets, Aquamarine and Flamingo, to make better looking pair of keysets by swapping modifiers. Hope this GB don't get cancelled like the last one.
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Yes, it has split-Backspace and split-Right Shift layout like HHKB. As to rest of the board:
- Keycap: Tai-Hao Cubic Concrete & extras from Doyu Studio
- Switch: Clear-minded Bsun, lubed with TriboSys 3204
- PCB: DZ60 from KBDfans
- Plate: 60% brass from 1keyboard
- Case: original Pok3r cast aluminum

Tai-Hao Cubic Concrete & extras from Doyu Studio cost me $38 including shipping. Set in this GB includes the extras and costs about $10 less. It's gonna be a classic so"just get it" is what I'm saying.
Is that the ducky deskpad? If so, I have the same one. Nice boards
First drop, canceled. Big disappointment given there's no explanation or opportunity for us to get them. Guess I'll just keep that in mind that any future drop could be cancelled or a fraud.
i just received notice that after having placed my order, this drop was canceled. why?
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Oh, I haven't, I'll go do that now.
have you sent a message to customer service inquiring about the cancellation?
Will these fits in "Cooler Master Masterkey PBT"?
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Thanks. It will fit everything when its arrive.
I would get this but there is no calculator and volume shortcut caps
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Where do you buy your caps from?
mechanicalkeyboards.com and amazon also kbd fans
Buy this and you won't regret.