Tai-Hao Miami PBT Doubleshot Keycap Setsearch

Tai-Hao Miami PBT Doubleshot Keycap Set

Tai-Hao Miami PBT Doubleshot Keycap Set

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Is there no other Tai-Hao sets that comes with international?
I appreciate it but i have 3 of these already :P
What would I need if I have a split right shift /function key (1.75u + 1u)?
You'd need to find a 1.75 shift and 1 fn key
Here's a link tot the official Tai-Hao webshop, where you can buy a 1.75u shift key and a blank 1u key: https://shop.tai-hao.com/products/-pbt-104-c02bu201
Will these fit a 75%
Mostly. But you'll have like 6keys that are in the wrong profile on the right side on the row after your enter key.
Would these keycaps fit or work on my Vortex POK3R? I would really like this because I ordered a cable just like this for my Vortex POK3R and I hope someone replies really soon. Thank you to anybody who replies.
It will fit.
Thanks mate you came in clutch

No baby miami?
They do that periodically as well, on a different drop
Do we know when the next drop will happen? I'm anticipating a new one since I just missed this one..
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Oh sweet! sorry for being blind haha
I forgive you... this time.
Bought these April 10 and got them delivered May 15th. They look amazing and the quality seems decent - with some having uneven thickness but can't complain too much for the price. First Massdrop purchase ever and overall pleased with the experience!

Wonder why nobody wanted the Nano Antibiosis coating..
Cuz it makes the keycaps feel like a sandpaper. It collects lot of dirt from your fingers.
Bought these for use with my white full-size ducky keyboard in the office. They raise quite the eyebrow from coworkers. They aren't quite as marshmellowy looking in person. I highly recommend Tai-hao for anyone looking for reasonably priced keysets. Plus, you can pick up like 4-5 sets for the price of some of the "higher-end" sets.
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The best was someone simply said "What are you doing?" and another constant is "so like... why?" It's hard to properly convey your enthusiasm for keyboards without even stranger looks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Usually makes things easier when people SEE the keyboard itself. Something with a nice color scheme - SA Pulse, Godspeed, Carbon, 1976 etc, with some fun artisans - appeals to the inner artlover in most people, regardless of how the kb feels to type on. RGB ups the wow factor even more. Every time I sit at my PC I simply enjoy the look of the keycaps, it truly is on the same level as art you hang on a wall. Just this basic good feeling.