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I received another full set of keycaps with extra keycaps. I received a full set in march already. How can I get it returned?
Hey! If possible, could I buy the extra set from you? I missed this drop and love this color way.
I live in South Korea. If you're not living in Korea, I cannot sell it to you.
Received my shipment on April 26, 2018. I'm in Western Canada. Suuuper happy, been after a colourway like this for quite some time. Colours are not as washed out as in the Massdrop photos (or mine for that matter). Came with quite a few extra keys, let me know if you want to see them. I like the larger legend, I think it goes well with the colours. Caps fit nicely on my stems (C&K Blue Switches). Keys themselves have a slightly rough texture to them, I don't mind it, more of an observation.

Both of the sets I recieved (I was shipped a set without the blanks) came with rubber '7's, what a coincidence! The set itself is pretty good, I love the texture and colors, but it seems to get dirty quickly.
the set includes the rubber 7 keycap, i got it aswell, u just missed the blanks :D
For a full set of PBT keycaps at this price, it definitely exceeds my expectations. The delay in shipping was annoying though.
Mine arrived on Saturday. The quality is good. The keycaps are just ever so slightly more rough than the original dye sub keys that came on this Ducky keyboard. I wish it came with keys marked for volume controls but at least there were four extras that were for the upper row, so I was able to swap that row with the blanks as you can see in the photo.
The only thing I would change is that I would go for smaller characters on the keys, but that is a small thing. Glad I got this purchase. The seller just needs to improve on-time delivery and communicate with shipping updates and things would be perfect. Thanks for the drop!
So they finally came the keycaps a few weeks later then expected. They r decent for the money and I mean the texture of these caps remind me a bit of sand paper on a negative. Solid 7.5/10 can't really beat it for the price and look I think.
Looks like my order shipped Monday and should arrive by Saturday the 21st. Wish the communication had been better!
Can we get an update? Shouldn't be that hard. We have been waiting a hot minute!
No luck on my end :/
Are we going to get any more information on when this will ship? It's already been 10 days past the ship date and hearing nothing from you guys.
One can dream. This seems to be getting more common on Massdrop...
Hey guys, any update on this drop?
Did anyone receive any updated info on this drop? Says it was supposed to ship around the 4th
Suppose to ship today didn't ship sighh...
hopefully they do soon tho, been waiting for ages
Dying to get my hands on the Baby Miami set, cant find keys this cute anywhere else. Please bring back this drop!
How are some of you already getting shipments? On my end it says it won’t ship until next month.
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Thanks for the follow up Emilie ;)
Thanks! I was wondering about this. Hopefully the "new" version will ship with the blank caps.