TEAC HA-P50SE Portable Headphone DAC/Ampsearch

TEAC HA-P50SE Portable Headphone DAC/Amp

TEAC HA-P50SE Portable Headphone DAC/Amp

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How does it compare with Onkyo HA200? They look almost the same
Nice to see this again. I'm still loving mine when I go out on trips.
Does anybody know how this compares to the pico power? I will be running off either my samsung s7, xduoo x10 or xduoo x3.
So MD, will you confirm this the HA-P50 or the HA-P50SE? The pictures show the black model is only a HA-P50.
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Any hope of an answer Massdrop?

I'm interested in the HA-P50SE, I'm not interested in the HA-P50. I don't want to receive the wrong item as others have before.
Just got my black & grey version, it is a HA-P50SE.
OK, everything on the amp, packaging, instructions, invoice I received in my package indicate that this is nothing more than the regular HA-P50. Not the SE edition we paid for.

However, the end caps of the amp are the lighter silver color that's supposed to ship with the SE edition.

Even one of the pics on the Massdrop page shows an amp with the light silver caps, but with the plain HA-P50 printed on the case. But all the other photos of the black amp have HA-P50SE printed on the case.

Did some of these HA-P50SE amps accidentally not get labeled as such? Or did some of the regular HA-P50 amps accidentally get the lighter silver end caps?

There's no way to know without opening it and looking at the chip. I'm tempted to do that, and to return the amp if it isn't an actual SE edition.

I'm really upset about this. We should have to go through this bother, and this extra wait time to get something we paid for in good faith.

And even if it's a SE edition that's been incorrectly labeled, that leads to a lot of confusion and mistrust should you want to resell it.

Not good.
Massdrop has agreed to replace it with your non SE with the SE.
Have you gotten the SE? How does it sound? What can you compare it to?
Guys, just got my package today, but I received a HA-P50 instead of HA-P50SE! Not happy at all. Even the packing slip from Massdrop states HA-P50.

Anyone else got the same issue?

Yes. I just got my package today, and it's the regular HA-P50. I'm so disappointed. What a waste of time.

I looked up some pictures online, and the SE clearly says HA-P50SE on the front of the case.

There's nowhere on the amp, or on or in the box that I received that indicates this is anything other than the regular HA-P50.

Now, I already have a regular HA-P50, which is why I sprung for this SE edition the first place.

Hopefully Massdrop can send out the correct product I paid for while the one I received is on its way back.

Can Massdrop comment on this? After waiting patiently, we deserve an explanation. And quick action to correct it.
Massdrop has told me that it wont be shipping out the correct product but is offering full refund. I am disappointed too as I wanted to try the different chip in the SE.
So no other outputs except headphone?
I've got the regular HA-P50. I also have the top of the line HA-P5, as seen here:


While the regular HA-P50 is proficient and sounds good, I find it lacks a little soul. It's got good sound, but it doesn't sound supple or emotive enough to me.

The HA-P5, in contrast, is on another level. But in addition to the better DAC, I think part of the great sound is the contribution of the OPA1602 opamp. Very musical and open sounding.

The HA-50SE offered here also uses the superior OPA1602, so I'm expecting that it will there will be a good bump in musicality over the regular HA-P50. So I'm on board for this one.

I think if we can get enough folks on board to bring it down to the lowest drop point, it will be a great price for a very good sounding portable DAC/amp.

I'm using mine for IEM's and portable headphones (nothing super demanding), and find that it works great. Let's see if we can get it done.
any idea of how this compares to a Sony PHA-2?
Too bad that the silver parts of the black P50 look nicer than the black parts of the red P50.
Too bad Teac won't make a P50 with those nice silver pieces on the red one, hahaha!
Let me start by saying that you'd find a better deal for 100 bucks for a second hand on amazon. i had one on amazon 2nd hand and I spent a month with with and returned it because it wasn't powerful enough to drive Hifiman he-400i. I put it on max volume it still sounded weak and with max volume comes with a lots distortions. The Xduoo XD-05 was the best deal on massdrope for less then the Teac HA-P50SE is now and it sounded 2 times beter then the Teac. The Xduoo XD-05 it a great DAC/Amp and I enjoy it evry time I pair it with my iphone or my Macbook. Don't say I didn't tell you.
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Yeah XDuoo XD05 it's way better than P50. And has more power to drive more hungry headphones.
Looking at their site, the older, lower spec XD-03 might suit my purpose more (be all I need). I see only one site that is still selling it though and it says they have only one left in stock. Interesting. There's so many of these products and in my experience so far they largely sound the same. But I remain fascinated by it..