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TEC Accessories Isotope Reactor Fob

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I want to use this on my motorcycle key. Is anyone familiar with how tritium tubes hold up in high heat?
Heat should not be a problem, as the glass encapsulating the gas can handle much more than you would experience in real life. But I would be cautious of the fob banging around on the instrument cluster as extreme vibration can cause potential breakage of the tritium vials
Holding off for the Strontium-90 version.
Anyone buy this and have it fall apart almost immediately as soon as it was pulled out of the little round container? Is there something special I need to do to avoid having it explode into numerous pieces at the slightest provocation?
When you put it all together put the small rubber o-ring around base of the top post.
Anyone have photos of this in use? I find this I nteresting but I personally can’t justify the price, weight, and bulk on my key ring.
Here are a few from our web site:


I got a couple of the TEC single Fobs when they dropped here a few months ago. The Embrite resin inserts were disappointing so ordered a couple of trit inserts for our fobs. They’re fine and all, but the whole endeavor ended up being much more expensive than expected.
So bear in mind, by the time you buy this triple fob, order & install trits, and take into account shipping costs, you will have spent over $100.
I wish the vials were affordable
Check out desert moon: Upgrade your TEC Accessories Embrite Glow Fobs to tritium with our Tritium Upgrade Capsules. 9 Tritium Colors Available: Green, Yellow, Ice Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Deep Blue, Purple & White. Click here: http://tritiumkeychains.com/product/tritium-upgrade-capsule-for-tec-t3-tec-s3-tec-a3-and-tec-a3-cerakote-fobs/
You're welcomed.
Anyone have good color recommendations for three tritium tubes? I could do three of one color but that seems uninteresting. I've only ever had ice blue and green in my single holders. I was thinking green/ice blue/pink or ice blue/purple/pink for analogous colors.
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Got deep blue, purple and pink in mine for a "radioactive" look :) Looks great IMHO.
Do you have a pic of that?
I was thinking of Red, Orange, & Yellow for something different.
A reminder for those who don't know -- As tritium is (barely) radioactive, it is a regulated product in the United States. You can't sell tritium here for "trivial" purposes, which apparently means anything besides watch hands and night sights. It may seem ridiculous for Massdrop to sell a tritium vial holder with no tritium vials, but their hands are tied.
However, while selling them is illegal, buying them is perfectly legal. Go figure. So you have to buy from overseas. I have bought many tritium vials from China and England. A quick eBay search will find them.
Did this change recently? I remember buying a trituim vial off of massdrop a few years ago...
The relevant code looks like it was last amended in 1993, but then again, IANAL. But as I understand it, Massdrop isn't technically the seller in most of the drops. It could be that they facilitated the transaction for someone in the U.K. or Asia who was able to sell.
If anyone has a good reliable source fot buying tritium vials that can be trusted. Please let me know the contact info. Ive never had to buy the vials, so im a little uneasy doing it. But if tgats what i need to do, than lets do this.
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thanks for the help
Looks pretty bulky for pocket carry.
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It’s actually pretty tiny.
Turned out to be a little larger than the 45 round. I'll try to remember taking a picture.
I buy my tritium gas vials from dealers China, I find them for 9 to 14 dollars. Green is the brightest, tritium gas glows for up to 12 to 25 years depending on the purity of the trit. Tritium does not absorb light. Left to right: brass lantern (glo fob) made by Harley Spalinger with 2 vials inside, TAD Gear copper Pharos Marker.. I removed the cheap glow powder/resin mix vial and replaced it with a real tritium gas vial, a titanium lantern with tritium imported from Switzerland, without any impurity sold by MacArmy with 3 windows..

Those look great! Do you have more details on which China dealers you use?
Digging that brass lantern! Very stylish.
Additional product information:

Borosilicate Glass: Although we have integrated a glass window in this product and is therefore susceptible to breakage, we use a very high quality borosilicate glass. This is similar to the more familiar brand name Pyrex, and is extremely durable against thermal stress and shock. It is also scratch resistant and provides a crystal clear view of the tritium vials. We have performed 5' high drop tests of the Reactor assembly onto a hard concrete surface without glass breakage. However please bear in mind that this does not guarantee it will always survive such a fall, or that the installed tritium vials will survive such shock so please consider this in your application.
3x22.5mm Tritium Vial would be compatible with?
Yes, 3mm x 22.5mm or 3mm x 23mm will work!
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