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TEC Accessories P7 Keychain Dangler (2-Pack)

TEC Accessories P7 Keychain Dangler (2-Pack)

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Received these last week and they were as I expected them to be size wise. The below poster was right that it is a bit difficult to assemble these, but I got one of them assembled after about 10 minutes. It does what the description stated. Good for keeping your keys from off the bottom of your pockets. This is good when I am wearing trousers with no belt. The dangler is not long enough to hang off the waistband of your pants and into your pockets though.

What I received was certainly not what was pictured in the MD ad. The snap clips I got were pot metal (same as stuff in Cracker Jack prizes), and certainly not stainless steel (or any kind of steel). The size was shockingly smaller than I'd expected, to the point of being nearly useless in that regard. And unless you own jeweller's tools and a good magnifying glass, you'll have a hard time assembling everything. But the big switcheroo was sending out pot metal snap clips, which of course have very little resistance to breakage (since it's not a structural metal at all). They are visibly different than the ones in the ad (which were obviously higher grade metal and a different, more robust design). Mine have squared-off edges, visible casting marks, and a smaller loop. If these had been in the photo, I would never have ordered (as these are what you'd expect with undesirable pot metal castings). When adding in the long wait for delivery, this was a total bust.
There's a similar product on aliexpress - comes without the clip at the end, but otherwise a lot cheaper. Can't speak to the quality of it, but the pics look similar.
They are not the same. I was ripped off and sold a China dangler once, it's basically a bent piece of cheap metal. No springiness at all and no use to me what so ever.
If you don't care about the carabiner/gate clip thingy you might be interested in these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018IN1OXC/
Currently $11, but $10 when I bought them (twice). Works for me to hold a few keys. Was going to use for a clipless knife but returned the knife instead.
Do they ship from within EU for EU customers as some drops have?
Finely got my P-7 key ring holders 👍 I immediately attached them to my MD Cu AAA torch as I found the torch clip functional but made the end of it poke out of my pocket to much to point my torch would get knocked out my pocket or it would accidentally get turned ON. Now attached to my P-7 it sits snuggly inside my pocket safe and sound 😁

I've been having the same issue, it's to the point that I only carry my little light in a jacket pocket and have been keeping my eye out for a pocket slip that would fit that plus a sleek little big knife, like the Gent or the Absolute Compact.
Yep this is worth it. I just put in for another 3. Use it for my other EDC things because its so small I can pick up and drop all in my pocket or I can dangle stuff in my pocket depending on where I am (some places you just don't want it easy to pull stuff out of your pocket -dodgy brothers places ... 😂) I have one attached to my KeyBar another to a bunch of EDC gadgets 👍
The experiences of RayF notwithstanding, I have found these clips to be fantastic. I‘ve been using mine to clip a small AA sized flashlight to the inside of my pants pocket on a daily basis for almost a year and, despite my initial skepticism, the clamping strength today is every bit as secure as it was day one. Seems like $16 well spent, in my estimation.
Completely, and utterly f'ing useless--second time I've been stung on an MD purchase! And evidently I have only myself to blame. Be warned--these things are the size of Barbie-doll earrings. I have no idea what the Mfg intended them for, but they are in no way suitable for the use I intended. Additionally, they arrive "unassembled", which is to say, you get to figure out how to connect the minuscule snap clip to the minuscule belt clip with the supplied SUB-minuscule keyring. Can it be done? Yes. is it worth the effort? Yes, if you're in need of an attractive set of Barbie-doll earnings. Seriously, these damn things are at least half the size they'd need to be if you wanted to use them in combination with a decent sized folder, or your key chain. First thing I did when I saw the size, was go back to the drop and check the specs. Yup, the dimensions were right there, plain as day, for all to read. Damn shame I missed them--aided, I believe by some rather deceptive product photography. Check out my photo for a more realistic shot"
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I agree that these are WAY too small and delicate compared to what it seemed like in the photos. BUT, the product as received, and as pictured here by RayF, NOT made from stainless steel. The snap clips ARE NOT the same as pictured in the MD ad photos. The ones I got are POT METAL, which is essentially useless to me. And the pocket clips cling to a magnet, so they are not stainless steel, either. In short, this is crap sold at premium prices. The value is closer to $5, tops. If that. Especially since the pot metal snap clips cannot be relied upon - it was the unbreakable nature of stainless steel (or at least steel) snap clips that made these seem worthwhile. I tossed out my packaging and receipt, or I would have taken the time to refund these. A total loss as far as I'm concerned.
I suppose I could have lived with (or replaced) the cheap parts, but the size turned out to be the biggest disappointment. A shot of one in somebodies hand (like the one I posted) definitely would have put things into perspective! Maybe they'll make one the way we'd all like someday?
Hi Guy's
I use these since years on all kind of EDC gears,allready have 5 or 6 and just ordered a set of 2 black DLC coated. I do have ordered the 1$ knoff off (with a X engraved on the back or plain design) for see how they are next to real P7's,in fact they do not even compare as they are so shitty,poor steel,baddly tempered and poor overall execution,big risks to loose your stuffs with these knock off. i do not understand how some people can compare knock off and Original item WITHOUT have handled the two... Generally i add little more "grip force" to my P7's using a Teflon head hammer as i clip them on thin fabric,i do think the original factory grip force is sufficient for jeans thickness fabrics as example. do not be "fooled" by the small size,who is a advantage to me,as they can handle pretty heavy gear (like 200 grams customs ligths) with no problems. on some unit i added a small piece of paracord for easier extraction,a small monkey fist fob like Camdude show in previous post is pretty awesome too.lot of different carry solutions possible coupling P7 with small carabiner,paracord and any other keychains components. i know and use TEC products since near 10 years and was never disapointed,majority are P7's and Isotope trit fob's,but also Cobra clip,mini pen,Centipede as they are so usefull and cool too. all have a design optimized for the perfect use,really,and machining and finish very nice for production items. Sorry for my poor English guy's,i do rarely post anywhere,but this was a nice occasion to Thanks TEC for all these little gears i like use each days.
For anyone who has purchased a black version: how has the black finish held up? Fairly durable or easily worn off?
Great idea and NOT made in China.
Just a comment about the C clips, they will not stand up to being clipped on a ring hanging from the belt. I purchased "Inchworm" and "Centipede" and quickly lost one from my carabiner. Keep them in your pocket.
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The new clip convinced me to buy. I think they should be able to update the drop pics.
Yes, image will be updated before the next drop. Since they don't have the new clips to photograph, they cannot do anything at this time. They do like to use their own photos as opposed to using any of ours...
Can anyone with the original TEC and the knock off chinese version tell us their feeling about one compared to the other?
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Thank you for the clarification and I apologize for assuming TEC clips were fabricated in China. Where are yours fabricated?
No worries, just wanted to clarify there is a distince difference. And really, we don't mind if people buy the knock-offs, it's their choice. As long as they know there is a difference.
Our clips are made in the US, then sent to our Tucson Arizona facility for finishing in-house. Then they are cleaned and packaged, and fulfillment is also performed in Tucson.
I got the exact equivalent on eBay for $0.99 each. Not TEC brand but the exact same thing. It took a couple weeks to ship from china but I saved about $30. Why anyone would pay more than a dollar for a small piece of stamped metal is mind boggling.
Got mine yesterday, really kind of neat. I'm pretty active and have caught clips and have had knives and lights fall out of my pockets. This clip will fix that. The only complaint I have is the split ring is tiny. If you have large hands like me it's tough to assemble. Other than that I'm happy.
All concerned,
I won't be using Massdrop anymore. While I understand the design of the system, it's still just too damn slow. For $21.96 I could have ordered the same thing on Amazon and had it in 2 days with no shipping costs. You are competing with Amazon for Pete's sake! Massdrop is targeting consumers that are savvy shoppers and want a good deal, they all have Amazon and Ebay accounts! Savvy shoppers don't get fooled very often and rarely get bit twice by the same vendor. The fact that my item shipped by fedex ground is also a huge mistake. Fedex ground hands off 84 percent of it's parcels to a regional or local post office for final delivery. This is a cost savings method for their benefit, not the consumer. This hand-off adds and average of 3 additional days for delivery. Online consumers need the right combination of price and delivery. Objectively, you are failing in both respects. If you want to survive in the online marketplace, offer a better value that captures pricing and delivery.
Best of luck,
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You are right. Most of us have Prime. And some of us know Amazon lurks for prices. But lots of us don't care and support MassDrop because they bring us crossovers and one offs. So if I pay a few dollars more and wait weeks and if that few dollars goes towards an eventual crossover or one off, it was worth it. Sorry you're leaving. Sorry you're not like us. Assimilation didn't work on this guy. Oh well. :(
he needs a...wait for it....BBBBrain Flush!
Wal-Mart has there for 1$
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Can either you or @Scyoung0746 post a link? The drop is inactive right now and I'd really like something like this. Sometimes I wear pajama pants, and it'd be nice to keep my usual keychain on me without shoving it in my pocket.
TOOGOO(R) Metal multi-tool belt clip Money clip and keyring https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07167GV5D/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_a2keAbVAWDPRZ
I buy these sorts of things direct from Chinese vendors. I bought 4 larger danglers for $9.20 ( $2.30 each) delivered from China. They a lot look like the Munroe Dangler, but are steel, instead of titanium. I remember seeing these smaller ones, but I did not buy them. I think $3.00 to $3.50 delivered is a reasonable price for these little danglers. Anything above that is simply not realistic or reasonable.
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No worries, but appreciate the support 👍
You vendor/suppliers all sing the same song when someone pulls back the curtain on your crazy-high margins! It's not our job to subsidize your business model, it's your job to figure out how to compete in a global market.
Now, I will give you credit for the second part--selling in a narrow niche environment like MD, with a captive (an often gullible) group of consumers does seem to provide you with some temporary cover, but the cats out of the bag now:
i picked these up for a dollar delivered on ebay and they are great!
My order arrived and I was more than slightly disappointed by the miniature size of these gadgets. The one I have started using works fine, but seriously, the price far exceeds the size and value of materials used to produce this item. I would not recommend these in this size to anyone at this price. I bought an extra pair thinking I would either use them myself in some other applications, or failing that, would offer the extras to friends as gifts. So embarrassingly small, I would feel obligated to provide a magnifying glass to accompany the P Dangler. If these are procured in the future, either increase the size and/or quantity or lower the price. Adjusting the description to include "sub-micro" for this size would aid the consumer in avoiding disappointment. I am adding a photo of a S.A.K. 'Cadet' pocket knife to show perspective with a common E.D.C. item.
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Makes sense. Glad you've reevaluated it's use for you in the end. And I do agree with some comments that is it is just in the end a bent piece of metal, but I can't make one.
Thanks for the picture. I really thought they were bigger and your picture does give me a good sense of how big they actually are. I may still end up getting some.
Wish I knew how big these were before I bought them they are so small that they are useless
Many do! Notice the photos supplied show nothing nearby to indicate the actual scale? Next time they should add some visual clues for reference--maybe a US Quarter, kernel of corn, crumb of bread, maybe an Ant?
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I'm sorry but if you buy this you're an absolute moron. It's 10¢ of cheap metal, paired with a terrible pot metal clip, and can be bought on GearBest or eBay for $1 or less with free shipping.
Anyone who buys this is incredibly stupid as it only costs a buck on ebay.
The stupid is paying for the original concept and backing idea with money that looks so simple right now but nobody made it before.
This design helped my key chain with keys, tools and lights stay in my pocket while I run, sit, sleep without worrying about getting them lost. Also the design does not eats my trousers' pocket.
Hey, I bought one of these TEC keychains on Amazon (without the keychain with the moving part so it just attaches directly to my keys). I've had it for around 6 months and I have to say I love this thing. Totally changed how I use my keys. It used to be that I'd have to tear up my knuckles on my knife and flashlight digging around for my keys. I've attached a small monkey's fist to the holes on the top of the TEC clip so now it's really easy to take my keys out of my pocket. Not only is it more convenient, it also means if I want to I have extra room in the bottom of my pocket if I need to keep something. I've also heard that for women they can clip it on the inside of their purse and not have to dig around their purse for their keys, which sounds handy.
Now all that said, I never tried the cheaper knockoffs, they might work ok and are a lot cheaper. But this one is very durable and I know it won't lose how hard the clip grips my pocket. Since I use this five times a day every day I figured I might as well get the good quality one, and I am not disappointed.


Full disclosure, I'm thinking I may or may not get these as gifts, and since the same TEC brand ones are 12$ a piece on amazon this isn't a bad deal (after shipping and tax on MD I'd get 2 for about $20). Plus I'd get the extra spring clip thing that I have to find a use for... Either way this is an awesome product no matter how you get it and I highly recommend it.
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These things are available for 99 cents on ebay, free shipping from ebay. Sure it might not be as good quality steel, but it's a key dangler, you don't need it to do much else than grab your pocket. http://www.ebay.com/itm/272010000830
hey man, i ordered these from ebay (thanks to your link) and for 1$ they are great! took about 4 weeks to get here (same as massdrop) and i got 3 for 2.72 delivered. thats hard to beat!
Glad it worked out for you! I love this site and I enjoy supporting smaller craft businesses, but man this one was a little too much markup for me!