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My pair is red on left and blue on right. I'm actually pretty disappointed about that.
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Yea I've just always associated red with right
eh its all the same, now you know the blue is on the right
For people who bought this how long did it take to ship
Massdrop shipped it on march 30 and I still have nothing, living in Italy. Anyone can tell me if these are normal delays?
Received these recently, very happy with them! I'm new to IEM's but these look and sound wonderful. Bass is punchy, mids are clear, highs are a bit recessed. If you handed me these and asked me how much i thought they were worth, I'd probably guess $100. My only complaint is the lack of removable cable, but the pros far outweigh the cons, especially for the price.
So are these white or black? Seems sloppy to have both pictured.
Did you guys receive white or black cable ?
the cable insulator is clear, with the copper-colored wire itself visible
only the black transparent version gets the black cable
Very happy with these for the price. Not quite as premium as my My Love IIs, and I do wish it had a removable cable (clearly it is glued to save on cost), but would recommend.
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Here's what mine look like. The cable is clear but the copper wire is plainly visible. This is different than my other TFZs, where the wire is clear but the wire blends into it.
thats no big deal, they look nice. Thanks for taking the time to post picture
These iem's are a great step up if you use apple headphones or skullkandys. Good headphones for the price
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thanks bud
No problem
I got mine yesterday, so I've had a decent amount of time to listen to them. I find that the highs are a bit recessed (vocals really seem to be emphasized). The sound signature ultimately makes it very friendly to my ears and causes little fatigue. I wouldn't use the T1 for music production, but that's obviously not what these are for, given the price point. That being said, they are very enjoyable to listen to as a consumer. I would certainly recommend these over things at a similar price point such as the KZ ZST. Just to give a little context, in my collection of earbuds, I have the westone W10, RHA ma750, KZ ZST, and the GranVela V6. Overall the T1 can compete with the likes of the ma750 in most cases. Detail overall is quite good.

TL;DR: great value for the money, good for travel
ALSO, no removable cable :(
thanks for reviewing them and letting us know regarding the cable. Does the cable seem of decent quality build? Also if you dont mind throw in few pics if its not too much to ask, thanks again. Now is waiting game till they start the next drop... I forsee!!! at least 2-3 months of wait after all these are shipped out
I would like to hear opinions on these when you guys receive them
I have some TFZ's which came with removable cables. I'm guessing these do not have removable cables since it's not mentioned, but I just wanted to verify. Anyone know?
Just from the images they look like removable cables.
They do look it, but at this price I highly doubt it. Even though their Exclusive 3 model has detachable cables, but they cost $20 more.