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The 1906 Gents Shaving Brushes

The 1906 Gents Shaving Brushes

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For the Shave of a Lifetime & A Lifetime of Shaves

Featuring a handcrafted wood handle and a soft nylon or badger knot, these heirloom-quality shaving brushes from The 1906 Gents are as enjoyable to look at as they are to hold and use. The black walnut brush is a great vegan option, complete with a large and lofty synthetic knot. The bocote brush is the workhorse of the group, fitted with a best badger knot that offers comfort, firmness, and solid heat retention for keeping your lather warm during the shave. Finally, the cocobolo brush is as luxurious as it gets, with a knot of silvertip badger hair: the softest brush knot out there. Each brush has its own look, grain, and color, and is best complemented by the Brawl shave soap. Made with pure, natural ingredients and packaged in a recyclable tin, this glycerin-based soap lathers quickly and rinses clean off, leaving no film and almost no aroma.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of shaving brush: Black Walnut Synthetic (base price), Bocote Best (+ $25), or Silvertip Cocobolo (+ $40). For an additional $10, you can add a tin of Brawl shave soap in your choice of scent: Fresh Herbs, Split Wood, or Ultra Light.

The 1906 Gents Shaving Brushes
The 1906 Gents Shaving Brushes
The 1906 Gents Shaving Brushes
The 1906 Gents Shaving Brushes
The 1906 Gents Shaving Brushes


Shaving Brushes

  • Black walnut handle with synthetic nylon knot (or)
  • Bocote handle with best badger knot (or)
  • Cocobolo handle with silvertip badger knot
  • Handle measures 1.8 in (4.6 cm) in circumference
  • Brush measures 4 in (10.2 cm) tall
  • Knot size: 65mm tall, 22mm base

Optional Brawl Shave Soap

  • 8 oz (227 g) of shave soap in a recyclable tin
  • Lasts approx. 200 lathers
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Ingredients: Glycerine, raw cocoa butter, olive oil, natural mica clay, natural cedar and eucalyptus oils
  • May include: Safflower oil, sodium hydroxide, soybean protein, wheat protein


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