The Kailh BIG Switch by NovelKeyssearch

The Kailh BIG Switch by NovelKeys

The Kailh BIG Switch by NovelKeys

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Jesus the ship date. Too bad the pale blues are out of stock or else I would have bought it directly from NovelKeys
Same. Really unfortunate
I would've bought one, if it weren't for the $18.04 international shipping costs... :-(
Goliath has arrived.

My big switch arrived. So awesome. Thanks mgsickler

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Already has a PCB in it from flehrad via going to add some RGB next.
This evening I figured out how to put OSX to sleep and put the Mac in power saving mode. QMK ftw. Massdrop still pretending that the MSRPs they come up with are true/accurate. Doesn't change that this drop is cheaper than the normal price, but lying about MSRP to make people think they're getting a better deal is kinda sketch.
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Free shipping for US buyers... so when you factor in the *$18.25* Massdrop wants for international shipping... dang
International shipping is definitely more expensive than I would like it to be, but unfortunately there’s nothing we can really do about those costs.
I think it would be great if someone printed round keycaps and used these for Pop'n Music.
Has anyone considered using these for foot switches (with QMK or some other firmware, maybe modifier keys, backspace, or other frequently used keys)?
Novel Keys sells a PCB for these so you can do that very thing.
For $10 = 100% sure
$20 = maybe
$30 = well.. for fun it's expensive, but still... maybe
$45.04 = for fun, it's no.
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Unless they're international.
  • Quantity1
  • Subtotal$25.00
  • Shipping & Handling$18.04
  • Tax$0.00
Total (USD)$43.04
If anyone is interested has a case and pcb for sale now. Its pretty expensive but really pretty.
I purchase the one switch wood case. I'll review once I get it.
I hope it doesn't need a bottle of lube to be smooth..
I want one... and don't have a CLUE what I would do with it... can someone please tell me, using small words, so that I understand? I'm not into electronics, although I could possibly figure it out, with instructions... and lots of pretty pictures...

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Unfortunately, I have ZERO understanding of how keyboard switches work...
Hopefully you would gain some knowledge by looking at the insides of a big switch while it's working. That's my plan at least.