The Kailh BIG Switch by NovelKeyssearch

The Kailh BIG Switch by NovelKeys

The Kailh BIG Switch by NovelKeys

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How long is the y-axis of the stem, I don't want it breaking my huge keycaps
So, if you buy this, and the PCB and case from Woodkeys (, does it require soldering?

Also, how user friendly is QMK? I did Arduino for my Model 01, and programming was easy enough, but getting everything installed and configured and actually *working* to GET to that point was a giant pain (granted, at least partly due to fragmented and poorly written documentation).
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Bummer. Thanks!
Good to know, thanks so much!
Already have a couple, going to buy a few more for gimmick purposes. Does anyone know if the solid keycaps like the ones from the WoodKeys bases are available anywhere? Link for reference.

Or just a 3d printing file so I can do it myself?

A Seattle /r/my Community member just started a 3d printing shop and does the caps. He is a great guy and Here is his web shop:

He has glow-in-the-dark plastic as well as heat-sensitive/color-changing.
Thanks a ton. Huge help.
Will this break my GMK keycaps?
Lube generously before attempting
Did someone manager to break the switch apart and reassemble it? Is it even possible without breaking the plastic?
I have and it worked fine. A bit difficult though.
I have also. It isn’t that hard, but I can se how someone could break one doing it.
Jesus the ship date. Too bad the pale blues are out of stock or else I would have bought it directly from NovelKeys
Same. Really unfortunate
I would've bought one, if it weren't for the $18.04 international shipping costs... :-(
Goliath has arrived.

My big switch arrived. So awesome. Thanks mgsickler

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Sure. The code is here:
Thanks! Massdrop still pretending that the MSRPs they come up with are true/accurate. Doesn't change that this drop is cheaper than the normal price, but lying about MSRP to make people think they're getting a better deal is kinda sketch.
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Free shipping for US buyers... so when you factor in the *$18.25* Massdrop wants for international shipping... dang
International shipping is definitely more expensive than I would like it to be, but unfortunately there’s nothing we can really do about those costs.